Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cupid Revealed - cupid doesn't love you!

Cupid likes to throw darts but he only throws them outside of wedlock. He causes feelings of desire,want and more importantly expectations. All these eventually wear off and can be said that it is an illusion of the mind. Cupid cannot leave his darts within his targets, it just won't be right. These darts are sort of magical and so every dart must indeed be removed as they are irreplaceable. Some darts land deep within the flesh and its removal is slow and painful. Its mirage affects and poison does not leave the body for a long time. Sometimes this slow process also involves twisting and pulling and tearing at the core of its penetration, which is the deadliest of places; the heart. The result is a huge flesh wound, unable to heal itself, unable to be concealed. The hole and the scar will remain. Then there's cupid taking a shot with a tequila in hand. Often it lacks power and aim. Therefore it only grazes the surface. It still leaves a scar but faint and it will completely heal. Then there's the in between, where the arrow draws blood, leaves pain, leaves a scar but heals completely without any indentation. No matter what, when cupid hits the side affect of his drug is always pain. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. The trick it to catch the arrow before it hits, launch it back at cupid straight in the eye so he will never fully see you. "Love is not just limited to butterflies and sex.It's to recognise and respect each others intellects." 'Love' before marriage is an illusion based on the daydreams one manages to conceive during an extended period of time. The difference before and after marriage is the difference between truth and lie. Marriage is a sacred bond based on responsibility and care. It's commitment based on the basic understanding of human existence and rights. Cupid in the 21st century has been breeding like a wildfire and I conclude it's the reason "common law" spouses is the new age of marriage sadly throughout all countries and now within all religions. It is also the cause of high divorce rates, a direct result of expectations never fulfilled. And a dramatic increase of AID's where lust has no conscience. Cupid causes a social crisis where children are split between homes, fathers betray their trust, mothers abandon their God given light- their pedestal only a mother can stand on. Is there a solution?...Only on an individual basis. Change is not impossible, it's a matter of mental ambitions synchronized by physical determination. We live as we truly wish because we control when and what we allow ourselves to be hit with; to reason with. Pick your path, study it, know it, walk it with your head high, and your efforts even higher.

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