Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blessed is he ...

There was once a man that lived he had barely enough to give. He had a loving mother and father but not long did they live. With his grandfather's hand to hold he grew into an honest noble man unable to read or write yet he had the greatest of sights; to seek what was right. He was a man of his word trusted and adored but again his strength took a blow as his grandfather was put to rest deep below. A blessed man he was, chosen above all others but see how much he struggled. A blessed man he was but he was beaten black and blue. He had to bury his dear wife and children too. Doesn't it make you wonder why a blessed man had to endure so much? Doesn't it make you see that blessed is he who has to earn eternity? For no soul shall bear a burden more than it could hold, so why do we continue to complain when we haven't a scar to claim? It's easy to see that blessings are not from the things we can touch - blessings are hidden opportunities for our hearts to clutch. Take a moment to reflect, sacrifice your world and the money that gives you comfort and control.....for a blessed man is he whose being projects serenity. A blessed man is he who lives in awareness. A blessed man is he who follows that which our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) did and that which he struggled to pass to us.
-Shireen (The Stolen Light)