Saturday, October 27, 2012

Heart of Hearts

Have you seen the guy faking it
Thinking he's making it
Walkin' around without any heart
Like the blind, forever lost in the dark
No feeling for the so called conviction 
No emotion for the so called relation
No love for the so called dedication 
That's the he that seduces to make moves
But feels nothing as he keeps changing his shoes
Walking only to what he believes is his benefit
But the reality is gonna come with a heavy hit
For there comes a point when darkness will cease
And he will reap
Problem is only that with heart can grow
Otherwise it really doesn't matter what you sow...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Do like Hajar (raa) did...

Hajar (may peace and mercy be upon her), she knew it was coming
She just didn't know the direction so she kept on running
Relying faithfully on the All Knowing
Who would run thirsty and beat?
Except for someone who knew without a doubt that she'll be saved from the heat
Nevermind once or twice; that we may all do
But she went back and forth, making it a total of a seven lap course
Thus do we honor her
The woman that stood firm in her reliance in Allah
So it's upon me to reflect and do as Hajar did
Know with certainty my Lord would not leave me in the midst of wolves
Prowling within our most intimate of lives, trying to snatch our young
Trying to degrade the fortress of a woman
I must stand firm
Knowing that the social reform is not what I choose to conform
And thus......I'mah do like Hajar did
Hold it down, until an angel is sent to beat his wing
Send me a cover, while battling the storm
It's a never ending hurricane - even at my death it'll be twirling, hunting for another name
I know...
I see it... and thus I will remain
By the Will and Mercy of Him
I'mah keep my eyes open for the door I need
For the shelter where I can breathe in ease
Until then....I'mah keep on.......and do as Hajar did! Insha'Allah

Another Year Gone

I feel at a loss
Another year going by, the Hajji's big day is about to pass
I have this yearning desire
To try to get up higher
but I'm plagued by the weakness within myself
By the laziness that dwells as each day passes and I haven't increased in the next life
How do I shake it off?
Distressed that I missed the opportunity 
There's a burden on my back that leaves me living restlessly
I fear my own hypocrisy
How do I make it, if I can't even motivate me ..
If I find days passing when I left off any memorizing or realizing
I can't justify it
It's simply a fault I need to fix
There's this sense of feeling weak
Like I'm slippin', creating a deceit 
How can I stand before Him
Knowing I'm lacking, and that I know I'm slacking
I need the strength ya Raab
Allow me, Will for me .. that the coming year I increase and I'm graced with the opportunity
To stand, to bow, to purify within the most scared of vacinity
Ya Allah! Forgive me for you love to Forgive
Strengthen me for I am weak with many sins
Guide me, for I'm lost without your aid and assistance
Show me to your Pleasure Ya Raabi
For I am at a loss in both worlds if I don't live to serve Thee... 

Quote: "Be aware of every hour and how it passes and only spend it in the best possible way. Do not neglect yourself, but keep accustomed to the noblest and best actions, and send to your grave that which will please you when you arrive to it. (Imam Ibn Al-Jawzee)

"As Almighty Allah has united us throughout the world in Arafat and Eid, let us spend our time in fasting, prayer, study, teaching, and whatever acts of righteousness we can perform. Let us strive to come out of these blessed days more united, softer in our hearts and ready to change our lives for Allah's cause. May Allah accept our ten days actions, our Arafat fasting and our Eid sacrifice. May Allah bless your families and protect us all from the wicked plans of the evil ones!"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MUST MUST MUUUUUST Watch... on POINT! Masha'Allah

On Point... every single wife and husband NEED to watch this together, and accept it in TRUTH, with honesty even if it's against their own self. May Allah Guide us to good, to increase in knowledge and wisdom, to give us the strength and understanding to fulfill our duties before Him... Ameen Please LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE 3 PARTS....

Monday, October 15, 2012

What a sista wants...

All a woman wants is time, man!!
Why ya gotta keep her stressin' ?
Guys gotta get it outta  their head
A second wife makes her tick only because she doesn't even get a decent sit down
"How's it hanging?", "hey children lemme show you how..."
A woman needs time
That's her greatest desire
Any time a man keeps creeping out for whatever reason he has given her
She takes her lil mental note pick, and creates a check list
Every time your time doesn't match up to the job you said you set out to do..
You lose her respect and eventually she starts making you into two
Brothers, all a woman wants with her tears, her noise, her screaming,her nagging... 
Is your time..
She wants your love through the time you give her and the family DIRECTLY
Not the slick mentality, 'well baby, this is for you and the family..."
Nah, give her a straw house and your time
She'll serve you like a king and never complain about a missing dime
See I'm talking about a real woman
The one that holds it down while you clown around
The one that prays for you even when she knows you got her playin' the foo', hoping that your days go smooth
The one that has your meals ready, and your kids in bed
The one that loves you by hating how you don't do what you said
See, people that care hold you to your words
'Cause after all a man's greatest commodity is his words...
Otherwise the worth of a man is only his bank account
And we all can spot one'a those sisters, like an NBA scout..
Your time doesn't include your phone, you computer, your too tired to sit up and be one with her
One as in ... share the day to day things to do, cuz that's what marriage is about 
You know, making it easy for each other to do the things you both need to do
...But what happens is one keeps on trying to make it easy, while the other keeps on piling 
Why not just drop it down a notch?
Quit chasing the dollar that never amounts to anything
Because you're too busy wasting it while you're wife is bending
How back can she go before you break her in two?
Recognize the signs my brother
Cuz when you're old, and needy you'll begin to realize life's greatest assets you already had
But they learned from their father to be too busy, and the wife well she found a hobby...
You're on your own suck'a..........just the way you taught.......
Give it a second thought
Before you come to realize what you truly bought!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Reflections in Lessons...

 So at 30 years old I've learned a thing or two (not profound but lessons for ME- but maybe of benefit to someone else?), technically it's downhill now to my death, or maybe I should say.... my life? :) Insha'Allah, May it be a successful end of the beginning.. Ameen!!!!

1) Sometimes things in life don't go as we would ever imagine.....sometimes we lose something, and I've realized no matter what you won't get it back. It will never be the same, it is what they call a "by-gone". So for me, my family will never be "one" , or ideal as I grew up, or as I expected. Nothing I do, or can do will ever make it that same way. Yet, through the lose of something, comes the opportunity for something even greater. How? What? Where? When?.........Only Allah Knows, but Allah is with the patient. Insha'Allah

2) Though you may be wronged in life, I've come to realize that it's no excuse to wrong. Regardless of the magnitude of wrong against you, it doesn't even justify the slightest wrong we may do back. You know the saying, two wrongs don't make a right? Well that sums it up! This here is my check point - In the past I've justified my belligerence by the wrong done to me. In reality though, it just made me foolish. I've come to realize, the lower someone brings me down, the higher I am destined to rise... Insha'Allah. 

3) Words are powerful, even though many times they are not a form of standard or expectation that we should rely upon. Often people talk for the mere purpose of talk. I've come to understand the frugality of ones words, yet at the same time it is words that have given me the strength to move on in life. It's words from the Qur'an (and the sayings of the Prophet [peace be upon him]. Truly, on a daily the  Quran can be applied to our individual circumstances. I've learned to listen but not expect from the speech of others. But from the Qur'an I've learned to expect, as well as listen, and apply. The words are powerful beyond's something I can't explain. But really, Allah IS Near. 

4) We are our biggest enemy. All that comes forth in life is really only as bad as we make it. Our greatest fears dictate our reality, yet those fears often aren't even a reality. By that I mean, our mind is our greatest asset and obstacle at the same time. It may take years, and years to train or re-program, but for the most part that's really the only difference between success and failure. Although, I do advise one must assess the true nature of success - what is it really?  As a believer, we beg for success from our Lord ; Jannah - Gardens of Paradise. It's the mind that needs to humble itself to do such. I think this is probably why it's imperative to stay around good company, because they influence thought - therefore actions are eventually dictated by our companions ; hence we reap what we sow. 

5) Does it really matter? Don't you think this world has gotten a bit too complicated for it's own good? Sometimes, I wonder why we worry so much about nothing really... lol. If we really think about it, does half the stuff that bother us really matter?! ... Not really,  at the end of the day whether our rug matches our curtains  will not determine our eternal life. Life used to be simpler when we just worried about making it, not about how hard we can fake it, or display it. 

6) There's a definition that floats about from people to people and that is the definition of 'love'. Over time, I've come to understand what it really means to me, and yes loving gestures, kindness and consideration all are on top of the list. However, the epitome of love (to me at least), is truly wanting Jannah for those that you love. There's no better way of saying , proving or showing ones affection than wanting an eternity of goodness for them. This is so hard for most, because I've realized many don't really want Jannah for themselves. I have to wonder to myself, how badly I want it....'cause surely I can do better. Just sayin' though......

7) Kindness is liberating ... believe it or not, kindness especially towards those that are mean is liberating. It frees the mind and soul from an ugly burdensome chore of being harsh. I get it, being mean can also be a defense mechanism against  being hurt by others. Or it is a result of being hurt by others.The way it seems though, is when you let go of that the ability of having to protect your heart/mind/soul and leave your affairs to Allah Alone by just being good to people even when they lie in your face and you know it, or they sneak behind your back and you know it, or when they're using you and you know it, be kind . The truth of the matter is, when people do wrong, they KNOW it. They know it very well, the kinder you are to them, the harder their ego can justify their wrongs and the more their self conscience cannot get away from it. 

8) I'm beginning to implement a mental application that I call, "what's the benefit?" ... Once I can answer the question, my thoughts and actions move into the right direction (Insha'Allah). Often (you'll be surprised), we end up getting into things  ... be it conversations, issues between people, particular wants etc without even seeing the purpose or benefit in it. If there's no benefit, then why do it. I suppose I'm learning to practice what I preach to my children which is, "why do you do what you do? - if you don't know, they why do it?"

9) This one here has definitely come with time, and tests... it's the realization of how firm truth is and how weak falsehood is.Whether it's through ones character, through words, or claims of anyone. It's clear that truth always remains standing. While falsehood eventually shows it's face, and a disgusting one it is. Often people think even if it's not the whole truth it's "okay" , slowly but surely the reality of the absolute truth becomes clear. It's only time that that removes falsehood, but it happens. And anything built on falsehood (lying, being slick, cheating, stalling, slandering etc) will crumble in the most miserable of ways and it will be evident that it simply wasn't worth it. Really it seems the pull of greed/selfishness is ultimately what causes the cookie to crumble. 

10) The word "sorry" is disliked by the raw ego, but it is in fact one of the most calming words to we can apply to our daily lives -especially when you mean it! There's this unspoken expectation that we are perfect beings hence the inability to apologize SINCERELY. Really, we weren't created perfect. We have the choice to strive for perfection, and the first stop in striving is realizing that we are not perfect, that we will make mistakes (many, many mistakes - this is the nature of man: WEAK). If we admit it, fix it with good (apologizing is a form of good) and sincerely striving...we end up taking greater steps towards reaching the standards of perfection, Insha'Allah. The goal of striving towards an unattainable goal of perfection is for the purpose of attaining true success - its our striving that's required to enter Jannah therefore reaching ultimate success. 

11) 12) 13) 14) etc  .... WE DON'T REALLY KNOW ANYTHING!! The truth of the matter is we don't know what's good for us, we don't know what will bring us closer to Allah, we don't know what the outcome of anything will be, we don't know the condition of other peoples hearts as we barely know ours. We rely entirely on Allah, and in Him ALONE DO BELIEVERS PUT THEIR TRUST! 
"Allah! La ilaha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He), and in Allah (Alone), therefore, let the believers put their trust." [64:13]

Saturday, October 06, 2012

The Believer

Dr. Bilal Philips:The believer remains free from the extremes of happiness that cause one to forget Allaah and the extremes of sadness that causes the ignorant to lose hope and blame Allaah. Consequently, both the trials of good and the tests of evil benefit the believer. Suhayb ibn Sinaan related that the Messenger of Allaah (صلى الله 
عليه و سلم) said: “The affair of the believer is amazing! The whole of his life is beneficial, and that is only in the case of the believer. When good times come to him, he is thankful and it is good for him, and when bad times befall him, he is patient and it is also good for him.” Sahih Muslim, vol.4, p.1541, no.7138.