Friday, February 22, 2008

One Step at a Time..

Look to the future and not the past

For a heart that is broken shall never last

Like a lion that stalks its prey...

..........hmmm now how did that poem go again?

Life works itself out in many different ways, often in ways we don't anticipate or comprehend. My life experience has taught me something valuable, and though for the past week I wasn't sure what to think of this lesson I still come back to it. In life, we must always, always seek the guidance of Allah swt. If we do that with a clear heart, mind and sincerity, then we must trust ourselves. Sometimes we spend days and nights analyzing and over analyzing to realize that we're more confused then when we started. There's no telling what is in people's heart's and why things occur in the ways that they do. If we trust Allah swt, then we can trust ourselves to use the wisdom He gives us to make choices in life. My recent incident, yes didn't go as planned, and yes a deathly disappointment.......but I have no regrets what so ever. I went with an open mind, and it didn't happen as planned. Who knows why, or what lesson must be learned, or perhaps it's merely a test of faith only God really knows. The point is after the human emotional aspect is done and the tears have been spilled, we can always feel good knowing that Allah swt is the best of Planners....

....Like a lion that stalks it's prey

Success will come it's way

with patience and prayer

We have nothing to fear

And though it hurts from the pain of emotion

Time will heal and love will form a new potion

In the end, life must go on

Who are we to truly know what is good for us or not

Praise be to He

That says 'BE' and it shall be!