Tuesday, August 07, 2007

..............I don't even know!

What's the reason why?....What's the reason why we can't just get along?

Why do we try so hard, try to so hard to keep taking from each other?
Why do we enjoy the feeling, the feeling of hurting another?
Why are we so selfish, that we can't see past ourselves.....why is it so hopeless, when our guidance lies near us.

My heart can't seem to mend the ways of man. Is it just the way it's suppose to be? Will society continue to be this way, oppressing the innocent, stripping them of what's only fair. The human concern for one another doesn't belong to a majority, there's just a small lil handful of people that know equality. Equal rights is not the meaning of being able to walk topless down the road. Equality is the ability to see that each and every man and woman have needs and rights given to them through the divine guidance sent to humanity.

My heart bleeds with no real words to say and my heart feels with so much, so much..... I don't even know, I don't even know. I've asked once before and I'll ask again, why can we not feel for each knowing what it means to hurt, knowing what it means to bleed, knowing what it means to be a human .......both you and me!? .. My heart bleeds so with no real words to say, and my heart feels so much, so much.... I don't even know, I don't even know......

Every orphan child, widowed wife, every oppressed man, every beaten woman, every scared child, every being that has been a victim of someone's selfishness....I pray for you, I cry you, I love you with my heart 'cause I know you don't deserve what you got. But your patience and understanding may it be your key to eternal bliss.....forever happiness! You to me are the greatest souls in humanity, you to me are the greatest soul in humanity.

Live with honor, live with dignity.........live with honesty, live with humility......every soul shall taste death, may we be the ones that enjoy it's breath.

My heart bleeds with no words to say, my heart bleeds with so much, so much I don't even know.......I don't even know!

Friday, August 03, 2007

"Give a little of yourself..." --- my angels.. Masha'Allah

This post isn't going to be another poem but a cute incident that happened the other day. My dear eldest son, Abdullah (4 yrs old) got up a lil bit earlier than I did. So he went downstairs to find his nana sitting outside. He didn't come in my room at all. When I woke up maybe 30 minutes later he was standing by my door I guess to check if I was up. While I was sleeping he had picked a flower from the backyard and placed it on my bedside table. Without anyone telling him to do so. There after he ran to show me the flower he put and then climbed in bed to just talk :) And he's only 4 Masha'Allah!! I pray Insha'Allah both my boys will be this considerate when they grow up and make their wives the happiest women ever. After all we're at a shortage of decent men :P ... yes, yes and women I suppose :P

As for my lovely Umar *Masha'Allah*...he's still young (2.5 yrs) but Masha'Allah today he so kindly looked at me and said "mommy would you like some of my cookie" ... he was eating a chocolate chip cookie, fresh out of the oven made by Abdullah,Umar and a lil bit of my help :) Cookies made with lil hands are indeed the tastiest! :)

It's amazing what a lil kind gesture and an unanticipated thought towards someone can do.Doing something that is expected of you, and doing something for the mere sake of trying to please a person or even share part of yourself with them........it's such a huge difference. One is responsibility and the other is love. I don't know if it's innocence or just upbringing....Allahu Alim.

May we be of those who are aware of who is around us and be considerate souls.... Ameen.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Speared Wings

I'm like Muhammed Ali except I fly like a bee and sting like a butterfly. I've been walked upon, stomped for fun though not an "ouch" did I say. People acting as if I'm the one to blame it's a shame how the world makes innocence the hated and the liars get appreciated. Not to say I care, but I do admit that there's share that I don't see fair – out of the goodness in humanity, it's a shame we can call this unity. I may come across harder than a rock though all I can muster up is a "boo". I'm the deep blue sea getting tired of people polluting me! I'm like a shark with dentures, I got a rough stare those that know deep within I only care. I'm a tornado with a warm cool breeze, but my mental ease if not a reflection of the severity of this kind. Those that see me as anger don't know me as me. I've got a bite I've yet to use as the wisdom of my religion keeps my heart and soul clean. Those that can't respect don't even step – my life, my people have got to be filled with honesty and dignity. I'm not bragging, but I'm tired of having to feel as though I'm the one that's made a hole within the sick state of society we live today. I'm tired of feeling as though I've yet to do all that I can as though I'm the bad one that tried to take the good in life. I'm not bragging I'm just saying…….. what goes around comes around so watch what you do to other people 'cause it'll come right back to you! I'd never wish bad upon any other but the way life goes this is a trend you need to know.

May we be given strength, guidance and wisdom to see that there is no life except the life hereafter where all our actions will determine our real homes, our real lives - our eternity..amee