Thursday, August 08, 2013


I teach my sons the life of this world ain't measured in sums. I tell 'em one plus one ain't how its done. There's no fixed equation for duty - that it's just a matter of giving it up, and moving responsibly. I teach my sons the life of this world is only passed by with piety - if trying to be completed successfully. But with lies you'll kill all chances, just making faith a mockery. I tell 'em the root of evil is the selfish equation, one that goes "i + i = lies to get by" . I push 'em to see light in their capacity, not to underestimate themselves as 'too young' to do good. Wondering when will I learn what I'm hoping they've understood. I remind them of words in constant repetition , the promise of heaven for those who do "righteous good deeds". Then I question, how hard can it be? I mean after I get a house, car, some savings, college tuition, vacation and maybe a lil extra to feel free, then yeah, for sure I'll give more. The disillusion of time, the game of "getting what's mine". This lil rat race we're in just to keep face. No one can tell me they're truly happy and at peace, when 9-5 they hustle, then spend to feel at ease yet hardly able to attain the comfort they're trying to achieve. Why reinvent the wheel for success and happiness? How'd we get so arrogant to think we've got the solution to our ever sought after need for rest? I teach my sons this life is a test, to elevate and strive as strangers; those who were the best. To live without lies, or a false sense of security by the wealth we surround ourselves in daily. To let it go, as that is the seed from which goodness grows. I teach my sons so I can have the strength to sow my own, so I will be forced to grow. For without effort I may never truly come to know. I teach my sons, the reality of the world we live in , means before our Lord we are alone standing. So hold tight to the coal, for it's a lighter burning.