Saturday, January 19, 2013

To the STRANGER...

We are never in a constant state
Always changing from love to hate
From strong to weak
From fallen to upbeat
We are never in a constant state
Changing as does the phase of the moon
Night and day - from darkness to noon
None the less if we don't recognize one slip
We'll be drowning in our self-made pit
Too many holes make it a ditch
If we keep an eye on our state we'll better handle the glitch
Supplication to the One who Changes our Hearts
Sincere in our efforts to maintain, without breaking us apart
The time is upon us, that we go to sleep a believer and awake without belief
What does that say of our state? We are in need of urgent relief ...
Purification and prayer, checking ourselves daily
For we are dealing with an open enemy
The plot of the devil doesn't get lighter
It's the heart of a stranger that makes the right fighter
None of us are safe from the fall 
It's all too easy, morals and values are made less to all
The choice to cheat, deceit, adultery or conceit
Have been replaced with a new name, they label it "game" 
Our state is constantly in change
Let's keep it in check - not much longer we'll be hearing our name
The call of the caller, let's rise and prioritize 
Just a 'lil more, pray we're granted entrance through Heaven's door
.....Thereafter we're free to roll
No worries, we've attained our goal! Insha'Allah!!!!

May Allah give us all the strength to rise above that which surrounds us and be blessed with the knowledge of right and wrong, may He the Most Merciful take us in the state of His Pleasure and grant us Jannatul Firdos.. Ameen. 

Wednesday, January 09, 2013


How'd Halloween land on everyday of the week?
It's like the only costume on sale is the prostitute type
When did society make this alright..?
Am I missing something?
Can no else see the half naked walking around?...
Leaves no room for anyone's imagination
It requires absolutely no thought, but isn't it all for attention?
Both genders don't seem to know their size
What happened to the people in stores that help you get the right fit?
Not the tight fit, or the high slit, or low hip with a short "shirt" to show it...
How'd that happen, where was I when this all became "normal"?.. 
This was the punishment for Adam and Eve
They got stripped before they were sent down for eating from the forbidden tree
So, it's a self inflicted punishment?
Is our self esteem, and self worth so down
That we punish ourselves before our chances are up and we're in the ground
How does this all makes sense?
It defies logic and everyone seems to think I'm being dense....
.. Help me out, 'cause no matter which way I cut up
It's just messed up!! 

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Oh Sister!

How did you get to the point where you convinced yourself sin is better?
You've made the option of halal difficult, so haram is easier
Are you so oblivious to human nature?
Can you not see what surrounds society?
You made slander appear as though it's part of piety
In the hopes to support and defend one by gossiping, spying and character defiling another
Would this be the qualities exemplified by a true believer?
Oh sister, stop for a moment and hear Shaytaan's whisper
He's travelling through your veins, recruited you; his unsuspecting solider
You're only marching to his beat
Question the wisdom in how you choose to plant your feet
Your ways of freedom and liberation have only created a warm bed for arrogance
Find it hard to hear? Then know your desires have put up a resistance
I speak to you - woman to woman
It's not meant to be an easy reality , but that's part of our existence; it's designed to increase us in piety
How you ask?.. Simply, submit to that which you cannot quite grasp and understand it's not your position to task
Who's to determine whose wants and desires are more important?
Is it the he that wishes to partake in extra responsibility by including another she?
Or is it we, who can't accept the thought of not being one and only, afraid of cold and lonely?
If you're a believer, then the first question is, what is the command of our Creator?
Surely He, the All Knowing is aware of our state of affairs
Ask yourself, does true submission mean we dismiss the permissible, because of our own insecurities?
Question your actions, what is your objective?
I keep asking because if you keep masking your moves 
You'll only wake again to regret that your "hurt" caused you to lose
We walk our path individually 
Love isn't an indication of our sincerity 
It's a tool utilized to exercise compassion and humility
On a final note, if you're trying to earn respect or be honored in your home
Start with rising above your emotional turmoil, consistent in appreciating and supporting what's already yours on loan

Monday, January 07, 2013


We can't roll if you can't catch my flow
Even if you box me, a cube is 3-dimensional
I've got sides that don't fit the script
Don't get it twisted I don't suggest I submit and then just flip
No, that ain't my standing - my boundaries are marked (Insha'Allah)
With faith and sincere conviction of the truth, firm in my heart (Insha'Allah)
I'm referring to my personality
I can analyze, split and spit you into bit size pieces
Or can appear to be iron fitted
Maybe so serious that you think I define stress
Or maybe just a jelly bean, colours of flava in an everyday solja
Each has it's place, marking the dice
But I've been dented having be rolled wrongly twice
Not sure how much is left before I knock out my nice
If you can't catch my flow you ain't my type
Don't judge me unless you come to know
I'm best appreciated in a package form
Even though cubes tend to get stepped on
My nature won't change - so bring it on!
Let's play the game..
It only makes me sharper so I can learn faster when to ditch the lame!

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Resonates so loud..

This here.. just hits home in so many, many ways ....  I'm not sure if that's what the reality of my life circumstances are. Either way, this speaks to me .....

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Action speaks...

Quote:" When a young man is devout, we don't recognize him by his speech. We recognize him by his actions. That is beneficial knowledge." (Al-Hasan Al-Basree)

"This should be a year of actions and not words. There are too many names being called and claims being made. If a person claims to be spiritual, than be spiritual. If a person claims to be on the truth, than establish the truth. We are in need of "real leaders" and not good public relations people!!! Surely Almighty Allah is a witness to all affairs."

Oh Brother!

Though this may sound harsh: it seems so necessary
Each gender has it's issues, but I'm digging in the root
Brothers your condition in today's world is nothing but weak
You are the Shepard being herded by it's sheep
How many have succumb to the ways of the bent rib
Emotions are explosions of desires with no heed
You are the leaders of your flock
But you forgot,  now you're just concerned for what you bought 
Your worth downgraded to the billz in your pockets
It's not about how you rock it
Your accountability remains the same, even if you can't seem to see it
You stand before your Creator having to answer the same questions; generations before feared it
Talk is cheap as I keep saying
Look at the condition of your people; your soul is paying
It's so backwards I can't even find the words
Whipped ain't even the half of it
'Cause that entails being molded in a way you don't desire
That's the past, men are now happier being the 'dog' and that's his power
How'd it happen like this?
Goals are stolen for desires and homes are broken by liars
Even the "pious" have lowered their standard of righteous
Now it's enough to pray five times a day
What happened to the maturity and understanding of dealing with our condition on Judgement Day... ?
It's a weak state of affairs
There's no obedience in disobedience, so don't be deluded by your 'patient, compassionate' ways
Be a man, grow up and stand 
Guide your flock to the blissful, eternal land
Not lowering the standard to the weakness of man!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Walking Your Path

A teacher can't teach you what experience can

It's a matter of walking through it to understand 

No books, papers or pens on hand

It's just you, and the course pre-ordained by His Command

Words can do no justice in experiencing experience

It's a do or die situation - faced with the consequences of your decision

Falling down being part of the equation

For that's the first step of preparation 
"Accidents" are areas where we can draw on strength and determination 
It's the unknown that leaves us anxious, with a dreaded antiscipation 
When the cookie crumbles we come to the realization
We form the correct understanding, for the truth of every situation becomes apparent
No teacher can teach this, not even your first ; your parent[s]
It's a course that may seem ugly at first
But thereafter it in fact serves as a means of comfort
Can't quite express it, even if we digress in our dark moments it makes it hurt less
It comes with knowing that just 'cause it's not quite rolling, doesn't mean we'll be broken
Every fall makes you a tough nut, not ready to give up
Makes you numb to the fear of what may or may not come
There's beauty in all, just have to look for it
There's lessons in life, just gotta have faith in it
Just keep it going like a solja ... 
Though I know you won't quite really know, until it molds you into your own, heh!

The purpose for the creation of human beings in this world is to test their conduct. This world of life and death, wealth and poverty, sickness and health, was created to sift out the righteous souls from the evil souls. Human conduct in this world is the measure of faith. As The Almighty mentions this in Quran: “Surely I have created all that is on earth as its ornaments that I may test which of them is best in conduct.” Qur’aan, 18:7