Tuesday, December 28, 2010


They say it's just all "conspiracy theory"

... That no one can confirm it's a reality
But that seems to be words of the deaf ,dumb and blind
Content with being ignorant, unaware of the unbearable stench
The earth reeks of the filth administered by the New World Order
Marching in bands; a drone like solider
It's the end'a time I keep telling
But that's the crazy one that keeps on trippin'
"Relax, stressin' ain't gonna make it go away"
Those being the words that 'they' say
But hey, this isn't all news to us
We've been warned but our nature makes us weak and so we speak in brained washed masses
It's a lifestyle set up in classes
Broken down by the level of how hard you can clown
Propagating the need to be sinful
Making piety appear to be an evil within society
So I ask myself, "why with all the knowledge of light do we find so much darkness?"
And I realize it's all just a way for the TRUE believers to have success
So I stress
Relaxing for a minute will make me weaker
Need to try to keep on my toes, to keep striving for better
Aiming towards piety never goes unrewarded, even if society calls me distorted
So I choose to stay a 'stranger'
I'd rather walk alone than be amongst such danger
And I fume with anger, hatred towards this Order
For it's messed the minds of the young and old
Making the odds of a pious future, lesser, and lesser
So yes, I stress due to this mess
....... and I supplicate

O' God Protect us from these evil effects,and keep us amongst those you love and not those that you detest..Ameen