Thursday, July 28, 2011

Altered Mentality

Don't blame us for our social education
We didn't choose to hear it
We struggle with our roles, it ain't all hormonal
The job of a man, the mind of a woman
How do you expect two to flow in a smooth union?
He let's his duty slide upon her
But he doesn't understand she's got her own work
If he says " well then I'm going to have contribute to her role too"
Make it even, so we work as two
Sufficient as it can be in today's society
But the mind has now altered its natural disposition
No matter how you cut it up, you've divided the situation
It isn't to blame, the he or the she
This is how the times are now, where we've come socially
I wonder if the true existence of our being remains intact fully
Some how I think we've lost a part of humanity
The greed of society decided logic makes more sense
"Team work", both working towards dollars and cents
And so he's forced to see more than he can handle
And she forced to be more than she can handle
Then they come back home and wonder why they struggle
Wonder why they can't seem to see eye to eye
Can't seem to make the necessary sacrifice
Each experiencing a separate life, devil in the mix to separate man and wife
It's social epidemic
The base of our creation no longer systematic
Everybody just trying to "make it"
Question is, where are you tryin' to make it to?
I know the social pressure making us doubt ourselves especially if the hereafter is our endeavour
The stranger remains firm, to be seen no more than the stranger
But give glad tidings, for your life doesn't begin now
Thrills and frills of life- this can't be how!
They call it the "New WORLD Order"
A one mind design, where sacrifice means loving yourself harder
Where love means you need to fight for yourself stronger
Where struggle means you need to live it up larger
Where success means you ain't got'ta barter .. ...
.......Though it all boils down to one question
What's the purpose of our Creation??

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

It's amazing the degree of arrogance in man
To think that he's more Compassionate than Ar Rahman!!!
To determine what is permitted is merely a boundry in Islam
And that the condition of a person with Shaytaan running through their veins are suffering harm
The harm of such condition is not from Islam
No the harm of such condition is the weakness of Iman
And so, you forbid the words of Allah Himself?!
Within the limits of Islam, you fear the harm of the words of the All Knowing to His Creation?
You restrict the Sunnah to a time frame of when Islam had only just become
You neglect the caliphas because your nafs thinks it's insane
The created thinking he has more wisdom than the Creator?!
As if the All Knowing doesn't understand both women and men's nature
Just because you can't comprehend
Doesn't give you the right to limit men
Verses clear
Yet picking and choosing that which keeps you feel secure
How do you make you own deductions based on a limited scope? Just assumptions!
Success alone is with Allah!!
Sakinah only comes from following the words of HIM, along with the authentic Sunnah
The deaf, dumb and blind
Walking around as though they have unseen knowledge of this time
Allah orders in His book, 'wherein you differ refer back to Quran and Sunnah'
But that's considered a black and white mentality
That's considered not using wisdom, because you seem to think you've got a clear reality
Now how can that be if your test isn't the same as me?
Have you walked in the footsteps of a wife knowing the feeling of a woman?
Have you marched forth after being abused by others nafs because what Islam allowed they themselves made forbidden?
For fear of society
Have you felt the pain of a broken family due to major sin, when there's an option which makes it a win-win?
You put the opinons of man above the Almighty
Justify your stance with a righteous assumption of yourself
People can't play it out in their head
Therefore your ability to have tawaqil is dead
You're suppose to rule according to our God Given tools
It's not based on suspicion of how one might be trying to misuse
Within wisdom and perfection this religion was established
The permissibility stated and the conditions applied to it
Yet without knowledge words are spoken
Arrogance among the tongue of someone unjust unable to see his own condition
Unable to realize his words are poison for they're against what ALLAH Has chosen
But I am reminded that I am only accountable for myself
So I must maintain my dignity and uphold my duty
Though I dismiss this mentality, even if you label me as a "salafi"

Monday, July 04, 2011

What's the beauty of Khadijah...

She had the past with her to make her stronger... to make her wiser
She understood the needs of her man, that made him long her
She supported him in truth, she upheld her honor
Her children a reflection of her
Strength in their core
She was the communities envy
Sought after by many
But she rejected their approach
For she knew the worth of a man didn't come with his notes
Widowed, and divorced ; shaped by life's course
Gave it all up, for what she knew was truth
Held it down for she knew it's worth
Wisdom was her legacy
What's the beauty of Khadijah ...
Successful and beautiful yet she yearned only for the truthful
Experience in her dealings gave her the eye to clearly see things
Peace be upon her, greetings sent directly from the Angel Gibraeel
Her worth, a reflection of her sincere work
Her support, her love, her dedication makes her a lesson in our relations
She moved gracefully, like a Queen
Held it down faithfully, like a soldja
Nurtured her bounties, the best mother
Supported her husband, a loyal worker, the sweetest cover
Gave them comfort, like a cushion, the greatest luxury on earth
She didn't complain, she worked like team, together they maintained
She was a 'woman' in every sense of the word
She knew her duty, she knew the worth of her role
She understood that her position was crucial
She knew the of title of mother and wife is lethal
Making her a woman not forgotten to this day
Making others jealous of her even though she passed away
Making her a wife in who's husband heart she always stayed; honoring her even when in peace she lay
Making her a mother, with firmly rooted seeds, who's progeny reached perfection; a leader in eternity
She understood her role
She understood her worth
What's the beauty of Khadijah you say..
She was one of few females to reach perfection through the tawakil she displayed
An example of true dedication, her story relayed ..
June 30- 2011