Friday, May 30, 2008


The depth within each self
The understanding of life
Seek the bounty and guidance
Cherish the truth one may call defiance
Uphold it's potential
Go deeper then the root; this is essential
It is the soul of man alone
It is the sustenance beyond the flesh and bone ...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spring Forth

Exhale a tale worth concealing; you've broken the roots
Breathe a story not worth hearing; you've burned the grass
Live a life dampened by lies; you've been coated with pesticides
Project a being not upholding dignity; you've been infested by grubs
Devour an image ignited by desires; you've been stomped upon by millions
Continue a path of digression; you witnessed your eternal state
Utter arrogance; you've removed every bud before it could blossom

Caress a weak frail flower; you've touched life at its peak
Prick in knowledge and gently place it at the root; you've secured your purpose
Sprinkle a layer of light; you've nurtured your existence
Spray with constant reflection; you've understood reality
Hum the Praises of the Most High and sit firm; you've earned the worlds greatest contentment
Awe struck by such perfection; you've been a witness to the truth!

Signs are a Mercy for us within our own capacity to attain wisdom .....with eyes wide open embrace your path knowing it is your own actions that dictate your own satisfactions