Friday, December 07, 2012

AFRICA - The Continent

AFRICA - The continent, not the country
Everyone speaks of it like it's all the same glory
So let me set the record straight..
It's not!
Dessert and dry lands mask the North
Arabic spoken; vivid through its roots
South is ocean and grass - the red earth of the 'mother land'
Center point you have the best of nature
Then there's the West, where knowledge rose to it's best
Take it East and you'll know how to feast
Except now its worn, stricken and in drought
Higher up flourishes the art of 'stealing from the assumed rich and still staying poor'
In the midst is AIDS plaguing the villages 
Raids and tribal wars - you know , divide and conquer
Education a commodity of the affluent
To find crime and bribery a normal day-to-day occurrence
This is AFRICA a land that became infested by uninvited savages 
Who enslaved, divided and tore apart only for their own advantages
This is why today, an entire land mass is unappreciated, as it's known only as "Africa" ...
Where the lions roam among mud and brick homes?
Yet its a land that has every precious stone and all of natures own
Once the best of beauties, now tainted and ruined
Left as the beast, brainwashed upon release
Downsized to one word, though it consists of 57 unions
'Africa' they say - a land stolen in the night and forgotten in the day