Thursday, March 15, 2012

O' gentle tear don't drip down in pain
O' silent tear be peaceful like the rain
See it for what it is ...
Though your heart may miss
A relief from this world to an eternal bliss
O' loving tear drip down in prayer
O' lonely tear drip down knowing your time is also near
Console the heart that may be upset
Strengthen the soul that may not be well kept
O' bitter tear don't drip down in hurt
O' sorrowful tear know that we will all be put down in the dirt

May Allah keep all our loved ones in peace, may He bestow His Mercy upon them, may He make their journey peaceful and content, may He takes us all when He is Pleased and unite us all in peace.. Ameen!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Sweet words don't move me
Unless it's a melody of sincerity
Only to be known
When there is nothing to be gained
Just a kind gesture, not counting the leisure
Otherwise it's an aspartame drip
It'll destroy your inside despite lookin' like it's on your side
Sweet words don't soothe me
They've only proven to abuse me
I'll accept it only if the word is spun together in a verb
A mode of action that leads to others satisfaction
Consideration creates palpation
Thoughts directed in creating harmony for another
It's not about counting your thoughts
Tallying a debt to reveal what your actions are meant to suggest
The best comes with the test of time
Where you give; not to take
Yet receive more than you make
Sweet words ........ I've heard
True words ........ I yearn
.....................................Enough said, eh?

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

"Mahmuud ibn Labiid(RA) narrates that indeed Nabii(SAW) said:

There are two things that the son of Aadam dislikes:

Death, although death is better (for a believer) than trials (which endanger his faith); and scarcity of worldly belongings; and this scarcity of worldly belongigs results in less reckoning on the Day of Judgement.

[Musnad Ahmad]"

Now We Know ...

Only God will Judge us
So if you act the fool it's only on you
You can't escape the truth
So you might as well embrace the fruit
No point in spending your life fighting it
It's gonna rippen into a python; you're the only one hidin' it
We do it to ourselves, in our weakness we don't even realize
We dedicate our energy for ourselves when we sympathize
Yet shouldn't our sympathy be directed to our eternity?
What is it that keeps us forgetting this ain't the life where we're suppose to live it up
This is the life where we're suppose to give it up
Scarifice on every level equates to a gain on some specturm
Given up our desires that really don't aquire much happiness
For the life of a higher status, is actually the solution to life long success
The fear of letting it go, is what keeps us on death row
So now we know........ so now we know.......

Thursday, March 01, 2012

◕ 10 Sicknesses of the Heart ◕

(Taken From Sheikh Muhammed Mukhtar Ash-Shintiqee Facebook Page)
◕ 10 Sicknesses of the Heart ◕
1 - You believe in the existence of Allâh but you do not fulfill His commands.
 2 - You say you love the Prophet Muhammad (sallAllâhu 'alaihi wa salam) but you do not follow his sunnahs.
3 - You read the Quran but you do not put in into practice.
 4 - You enjoy all the benefit from Allâh but you are not grateful to Him.
 5 - You acknowledge shaytan as your enemy but you do not go against him.
6 - You want to enter Paradise but you do not work for it.
 7 - You do not want to be thrown into hellfire but you do not try to run away from it.
 8 - You believe that every living thing will face death but you do not prepare for it.
 9 - You gossip and find faults in other but you forget your own faults and bad habits.
10 - You bury the dead but you do not take a lesson from it.