Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Okay, this is seriously getting a lil too depressing for my likings. I think I'm taking out way too much of my negative wordly, poltical views. It all goes back to the same thing really; erosion of morality.

Anywho, I had intended on writing something on a brighter note but seeing as it's way past my bedtime and that my brain has indeed shut off I will leave you with this....

"Ohhh when you're smiling, oh when you're smiling the whole world smilesss with youuuuu"

:) Smile cuz it'z sunnah ;)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Missing a Soul

They call it a war on terror but I'm sure you now know...
It's a war no doubt, no morality - just the stench of man as he falls to the bottom of earth's greatest pit
It's a pit of hell, where those that feel torture and murder are a hit
Repugnant actions ridiculed, joked at and poked at, making it seem as though we're all down with that
Made to stand 24 hours in a day, handcuffed to a rail
Stripped bear made to walk, ankles handcuffed as they laugh and stare
Made to fear as dogs tear their flesh apart
Rejoicing their pain, rejoicing their death
And I ask again and can we not feel for others when we know the feeling of pain?
And again I am lost with no reply
Tears can't save a life, no - it can't ease a burden , it can't change a past
The war is no doubt that of terror, no doubt one designed to inflict as much hate and hurt possible to human kind
It's a pit of hell that they've fallen in
Enjoying the feeling of power over another human being
"Do unto others as you want done to you"
Words of wisdom but a deaf and blind nation cannot adhere
Disgust hardly speaks of my hearts emotions
Anger and hurt make up only a portion
Would it be okay if it happened in America?
The land of the free, home of the dead and empty
Would it be a mere torture scandal or would it turn into 'a war on devils'?
It takes evil to allow ones soul to take part in this injustice, in this filth
It takes the bones and flesh of hell's abode to enjoy such nauseation
It takes a mindless, eroded soul to have a hand
May you die with more fear in you than that you've tried to put in man
May bliss be taken away from you in this life and the next
How can I want any better for a man or woman that enjoys torture?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Let it be a Nightmare!

I used to wonder about hell and it's occupants. I used to think of how anyone can truly be deserving of such a horrid event. And though I believe without a doubt the Almighty knows best, I would quiver at the words etched in my chest. As I grow more aware of what surrounds me, as I can see past my life and my family, my home, my serenity. I quiver just as much. I cannot comprehend the concept of torture, I cannot forgive those that succumb to such levels of disgrace. I am lost for words as the vision of a child no older than that of my own is torn apart, broken and stomped on for fun. He's only crime is that he stayed out past the given time to play in the sand. I'm not being metaphoric, a four year old child truly did experience it. Tragic. I can only wish hell's heaviest punishment upon such filth. My heart stops for the slightest of a second when a man minding his business,with no anger on his face, no stone, no reason is shot and left to bleed to death. Target practice on the human flesh!? I cannot comprehend this. And though my thoughts are to save the world, it is beyond me how I can do such a task. Only the Almighty can rid such calamity, only He can bless those innocent, beautiful victims with eternal bliss. It is only He that can destroy and take such hollow animals to account. And so I supplicate with my heart and soul....O' Lord of mine you know best, without a doubt, without a moment of hesitation. O' Lord of mine show us the way to help ease such stress and punish those that have earned a painful death. I cried for the rebels making child soldiers to be wiped from the map.But it's not an isolated incident, it's a dying morality, it's the closure of humanity.... It is the harshest reality our hearts may have to bear and worse is that their bodies must endure. May we leave this world with our Creator pleased with us, may we leave this world happy to be received at home. May we leave this earth peacefully, and may those who have to bear such horror have every pain and every fear taken away from them.

I don't know about you, but my heart grieves desperately and I'm lost in not knowing what I must do!

Be strong my brothers, sisters....mothers, fathers, children - be strong! You'll be home soon Insha'Allah...Insha'Allah...Insha'Allah :( :(

Monday, October 15, 2007


I'm a statistic, in case you missed it this world is going ballistic. Can't seem to see past it, what's that you ask? I'd like to say but it might be offensive. Might be rude to say that the minds of those are not worried about faith, life or anything that doesn't have a body for goodness sake. It's raw emotion destroying our nations, breaking our families, decaying our society, hurting our children, living corruption without our eternal being. Damn, why aren't we seeing? It's a rotten infection inside the mind of mankind. A weakness they cannot seem to pass, can't seem to weigh between the palm of their hand. Not using brains to decide. So you ask, what's the problem? Am I just going mad? Perhaps, but can't you see it's a lil sad this sick state, it's not fate. Is this justice to the lil ones? No, it's selfish of those ignorant stupid ones. Here's what I say-there's alotta people WILLING to play the game, so if that's what you wish then go on, GO FISH. But don't include the innocent, don't destroy the lives of those who marry for the God's sake, or who live within good and make evil shake. If that's your choice, let it be yours, don't include another because you're trying to fix your damn flaws. Fix it before you mix with those that are pure and clean. Be it man or woman, God ain't lookin'....just pick your path and leave those that don't belong out of it so they can last. It's a sad statistic, man this world's gone ballistic. Marry me, okay divorce me, 'cause this wasn't in lil House on the Prairie...well guess what, that's life! It's not a fairy tale love story, it's a relation between two beings working in one direction. Figure out your path before you screw up the lives of those that are walking the walk, without weighing 'em down by the fools that can only talk the talk. Too many lives being destroyed by one human emotion....... I'm statistic determined to find a way to fix it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rebeating of the Heart

I was born a butterfly free of any worry or care. But as my beauty graced society I was snatched away. Within the walls of a glass only enough to allow for air. And as I sit within my new home away from the earthly freedom, the cool breeze, the life I used to know...I begin to wonder. How can there be a way out? Am I captured till death or is my life my own....? I am a butterfly you see, I was born to be free flying atop the fragrant flowers. Whisking myself into all that I wish to devour. But now I am limited to choice of food, air, and space. I am stuck within four glass walls, suffocating while being poked and prodded. I am a beautiful butterfly that I know, but now I am dying within what they call "home". I have devised a plan to become my own, before death takes me and I have nothing to show. I will still my heart long enough to be declared dead. They will rid me as I would be of no use to society. Thereafter when my freedom is secure, playing dead in a sewer, my every vein that I posses will flood with blood pumping into my chest - I will be my best. I will soar freely in the outdoors where I once knew happiness. Where I lived without worry or care for I knew my objective, I knew life's plans are fair.I will live with meaning that I've always known, with the guidance encased within my soul. I was born a butterfly free of worry and care. Now I know that the trick to life with meaning and flair. It is one with which a heart has died and come alive again. Die inside, and you'll be born again living a life you've yearned to spend in a way you know is right for you, without a worry of what society will think to do.

Friday, October 05, 2007

A Mercy!

Have you ever felt the warmth of a child's hands on your cheeks? Their grasp on your pinkie finger? Their embrace around your legs as they look for their protection? Have you ever looked in their eyes and they look in yours knowing there's a connection that is entirely from the Almighty? Have you stopped to hear their laughter? Have you ever noticed their smiles travel beyond your face but within your heart? Have you ever witnessed their innocence when trying to accomplish a task? Have you ever observed their honesty when making sense of the actions around them? Have you ever taken a second to see a child for what they are........for who they are. God's Mercy to mankind! A child may find a way to drive us crazy at times, but the moment they leave our side a void fills our hearts, our souls. Their laughter, even their tears, their affection, their warmth, their dependence is more for us than them. God's gift to humanity is every tiny soul finding their way in this big ugly world. May the Almighty protect them all......every single angel child sent to us as a mercy..Ameen.

Protect them, scold them because you love them, teach them......embrace them - the most priceless luxury in the entire world!