Friday, May 31, 2013

Faults we have - beautify them with righteous good deeds!

There aren’t people who are flawless and without shortcomings. We are all sinners and this is human nature! However, there are people who are good in presenting their good features and concealing their faults. This hides that! Therefore, try to submerge your faults in an ocean of good deeds and kindness to others. Allah says: “Verily, the good deeds remove the evil deeds”.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


They don't c'aul it S-Class fo nutin
Upgrade upon purchase you'll be stutterin' 
Wondering how you got an S600
When you thought you'd just invested a few hundred
Sometimes you don't realize the worth
Until you learn to understand true value and unearth
Dig up tha mentality, realize a Hijabi is wrapped in modesty
She ain't puttin on a show for the world to know
Reserved for her's truly; her beauty she owns
Takes depth and insight to understand beauty lies in the right
Takes wisdom and maturity to realize a woman is best when she submits only to He
It's the battle of the fittest
Have Weed Man spray off the weakest
He who inhales the same toxins become part of the same sickness
Be it a he or a she
The soil that bears our future progeny 
Requires pure hands to remain organic and pesticide free
It's a balanced union you see
Working towards the same destiny creates harmony
Any deficiency in one will either corrupt the other or produce nothing further
Quality appears to be undefined in society
So I say, 'S-Class' remains marked by true sincerity 
As this is the foundation of real piety 

.. And Allah Knows Best!

Friday, May 03, 2013

Whose Sight?

How many stand tall with their ranks and glories?
Proud of their stripes, color belts, or titles - it's the same story
The position of man raised but in whose sight?
Where's our aim, I question, are we on the right?
Ain't nothing wrong with having goals
Problem comes when it remains the main source pushing our soul
And all it gives us is a moment to be told
How will we stand on The Day?
Where's the stripes, color belts or titles we so proudly displayed?
How'd it disappear so fast on the only day that's worthy to be relayed
We've got gold tagging us on our wrist 
Reminding us of the time we've missed
Medals resting on our chest
False illusion that we've passed our test
Or rings pressed upon our fingers
Bling so big , yet we still striving for bigger
How many stand tall with their ranks and glories
Proud of their stripes, color belts or titles - it's the same story 
Trying to make a mark in the temporary
Only to turn back and find we lost track 
Keep it focused, whether it's in the office, or on the mat
It's not about haters who hate
It's about earning our fate
Establishing rank for our eternal state!