Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Keen Connection

How did relations between kith and kin become so strained?
I thought blood is thicker than water: by default it's suppose to be a gain
But somehow I keep noticing it's a never ending battle
If mothers can't remember their own ..
And children forget their parents when they're grown
Surely we're in a state of lacking
The equation seems so unnatural
Perhaps its due to ingratitude
Not thankful for the connection, so the choice is to lose
Let it slip between fingers as days turn into months and months into years
Only to look back and realize that you forgot what was yours
Your comfort in this life remains the blessings of children, husband and wife
Of the parents, grandparents,  and the nieces and nephews that have graced your life
It's this attitude of 'me against the world"
But can't you see, you can never make it on your own
It's by the Mercy of God that He sends people your way
If it's not family it's surely a friendship that's meant to stay
How did it become all so blurred?
Chasing the very same thing that you need to be embracing
COMFORT is temporary no matter the avenue
But one that sinks deep is the connection between two or a few
No endeavor that bears fruit of pleasure if free of an effort
Even a billionaire had to put it in to get there
Paths are paved by choices we make
Guidance is laid by submitting and committing for Allah's Sake

Narrated Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him):
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:
"He who does not thank the people has not thanked Allah." 
(Abu Dawud)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Big words and big promises mean nothing when you can't come through with the little things"
-AbdulBary Yahya

Thursday, July 12, 2012

"...Happily Ever After"

A marital relationship..
Should never be "that's just the way it is"
When rights are upon you, the status of the situation is elevated to become a form of worship
This idea that marriage is only meant to be comfort, is like expecting fruit to grow from a plant that's never been watered
Your result is either death or a situation of the cactus
You'll remain pulling pins outta your toosh... so understand that marriage requires a root before the fruit
To me, the love and mercy that some experience is not the based on mere marital existence
Rather that's the consequence, or perhaps you could say the motivational factor by fulfilling the rights and needs of one another
Through the course of forgiveness and giving without any conditions, there flourishes the ever sought after "happily ever after"
It's constant, and the reason shaytaan works so hard in breaking it, is that if you find yourself making it...
You've reached the ultimate success; you've attained the best this world has to offer
It doesn't take blood and sweat, it just takes sincerity and respect
Allah Helps those that help themselves, and trust me I do understand...
That marriage is a two way road, it's hard to work with another when they've got their back turned
Honestly can't say I've got a solution...
But I encourage you to try your best, without ever sacrificing your obligations
There's no obedience to Allah in disobedience, so refrain from trying to maintain by committing any sin
Blessed be the home filled with remembrance of Him
If there's mutual understanding, then keep pushing, for you're promised the reward of love and mercy
What else is there? ... Sadly, most aren't that thirsty
See when you steal your temporary comfort you'll only find joy in it for a minute
If you get busted you're always in a black 'n white jumpsuit
There's not quick fix when we talk about heaven on earth
There's effort, work, and trust.........there's understanding the rights upon you and fearing the Almighty
Thereafter........every good deed will be rewarded
So, mark your calendar and trust that Allah has it recorded :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ramadaan... Ramadaan it's coming! [Insha'Allah]

Have you noticed how people's egos and emotional woes are humming? Have you seen the fitna spread by one wrong step?
The lack of forgiveness, this need to fight for ......
Hm.. I don't think anyone knows!
Ramadaan.. Ramadaan it's coming!
Shaytaan getting in his last few before he's on lock down
Got his army on overtime working to shake our ground
Keep us unstable during the month our sins are forgiven
Get us all worked up and fussing over nothing
Keep our minds distracted so we lose the moment of this great blessing
Ah.. have you heard??
Ramadaan...Ramadaan it's coming!
Fight off the evil my people
It ain't worth the argumentation
Back down, it's the devil blowing upon our ego
Just ignore it, rise above the emotions and be the hero
For shaytaan has no power over us
It is only that he called and we answered , so choose to not reply
Our objective is Jannah, let's keep our eye on the prize
Ramadaan... Ramadaan it's coming!
Bismillah, Ya Allah upon us bestow your Blessings and Mercy
Forgive us and mark us with a safe soul's journey
Protect us, and Guide us for we depend on you ONLY
Ramadaan...Ramadaan......A MONTH OF MERCY!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

See the truth, Die in truth, so you can LIVE the truth

Who ever said that you're living?

We're actually dying
Everyday is not a day closer to life, it's a day closer to death
Our short existance on earth only builds up our life
We can work towards bliss or strife
Don't let anyone tell you, "you've only got one life to live"
Because if they do it's not this world that gives
To live is to sincerely believe
For our soul will continue but our home is unknown
Our flesh, our time, our understanding, what we know...will turn cold
So no this isn't living; this is surviving
Preparation for our dying
Each day we must commit to striving
For the loss is great if we give it all up, delliusioned that we need to 'live it up'