Thursday, September 26, 2013


If you're gonna follow the same course then don't be surprised when you're pushed through the same door
If you're gonna follow the same goals, don't be in awe when you're pushed through the same holes
You've got choices- the masses have their minds consumed by the same matters
Be it fads, or iPods, or iPads
It's the never ending structure of follow the leader
Our biggest enemy is ourselves; preyed upon by the devils plot, we're in need of help
The deception is to downgrade the lesson: his weapon is to pretend its 'okay' due to majority's say
The soul is fragile - need to contemplate and constantly search for the right way 
Two headed python destined to bite the neglectful's cheeks (zakaat)
We spend years trying to secure our worldly home
Neglecting the duty to He - who it's owed (Hajj)
What are we so busy chasing, I wonder?
Does it really add worth to our existence  or are we zombies with the false illusion we're being useful?
Unaware we're herded in our slumber
The believer traded it up
This life and all its fake glory
For true existence - for the beginning of our story