Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'm dressed, yes, maybe not dressed to impress, maybe not defined by society as the best, but let me stress that I carry myself for me and only me. I don't want 'em eyes, checking my size, and the other 'ish that runs through the minds of those consumed by their carnal desires. A fuel that's ignited and never to be satisfied for the soul craves a deeper craving. I can see it in your eyes, I can see those questions floating around in the room, words of nuns, ninjas and things making you feel as though your bling is a superior standing. As though before you is a vision of oppression, a victim of Osama's mess unable to see that in the land of the brave, home of stupidity I am undeniably free. Lemme take this second to define freedom, because until we're on the same level you'll never see me as human. Freedom is the right to preserve ones dignity to the highest calibre given to humanity.It's the ability to pick a path one is content with from the depths of their soul. It's choices we make for our own sake. Not the laws a nation imposes on us, trying to expose every last inch of flesh convincing us we're now liberated working nine to five, dinner at six, laundry, then hockey practice, oh wait, I think you missed it....... you just doubled your load now you're on night shift ! Honey, I won't judge you and you don't judge me. I don't hate you and you don't hate me. My mind is not limited to butterflies and fashion, no it's a mind challenged by upholding dignity and respect. If you never met one like me, the so called 'nun-jabi', then let it be known my life represents a path I chose. A love that I know. And though you don't get it, I ask you at least respect it. Rearrange those question marks, one back to front ʕʔ .......find the love to understand each other and we'll be on the path to healing homes and hearts beyond the capacity calculated by any man. For the heart is our vehicle of truth and justice....peace and contentment...the heart erases every colour, every race, every language, every place, the heart unites us to by a power beyond the scope of man. Let's make it pure, open our clenched fists and give out a hand. Let's make salaam, peace, a greeting spread only by Islam!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Diagnosis: Verbal Diarrhea

What is the word of a man worth in this time?...

It's merely a ringing bell, a chime, sounds that are benign, that can't get past the hymn. It's a pleasantry upon the palate, beyond that it's just a malice. Words that are baseless, just spill and are tasteless. The words of a man should not be a mere noise or sound.It's a transaction, a receipt of interaction. It's a mark left to console, for the word of a real man is not just a word. It's an intent, it's a step into action. If you don't have your word, then you are nothing more than a soothsayers attraction. Define character by making your talk walk, and not just your talk rock. Words that move come with proof of it's groove. A rare quality to find in these times, where all talk does is talk, and all walk does is get your ego in a buzz. Make the words that you utter be the truth in its entirety.Let it be more than just a disillusioned piety but rather an adjective designed to elevate your weight by the Power of the Most High.C'mon, make your soul fly!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

..................... BREATHE DAMMIT!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our Starvation

We know it's there, we've heard of it's existence....
We've been told and constantly reminded
But we've been brained washed and branded
Turned from humans of intellect to animals
Making survival of the fittest nothing but greed
It's a selfish realm we breed
Eyes walk with death lurking near
Body begging for someone to nurture
Ribs bearing all that words can say
Neglect of priorities has made it this day
Hearts don't breathe any more
For hearts with life would turn deathly sore
Not just blue in the face and then back to me and you
No, our hearts are filled to its capacity
Though blessed with space and flexibility
It encompasses nothing but drama
Too busy trying to make 'right' our self inflicted wrong
When we've got a world of worries to keep us busy
Stripped of dignity, void of mercy
Forgive us for our neglect beautiful child
For we are diseased and unable to find time to go beyond a tear in our eye
Please don't spite us on the day of Reckoning
Please don't hate us, pray for our awakening
Ya Raabi stir our soul, Ya Raabi make us whole again
Protect us from the wrong we place on our own
Make easy for those we fail to embrace and hold....Ameen

Preparing Wedding Feast

Friday, May 30, 2008


The depth within each self
The understanding of life
Seek the bounty and guidance
Cherish the truth one may call defiance
Uphold it's potential
Go deeper then the root; this is essential
It is the soul of man alone
It is the sustenance beyond the flesh and bone ...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spring Forth

Exhale a tale worth concealing; you've broken the roots
Breathe a story not worth hearing; you've burned the grass
Live a life dampened by lies; you've been coated with pesticides
Project a being not upholding dignity; you've been infested by grubs
Devour an image ignited by desires; you've been stomped upon by millions
Continue a path of digression; you witnessed your eternal state
Utter arrogance; you've removed every bud before it could blossom

Caress a weak frail flower; you've touched life at its peak
Prick in knowledge and gently place it at the root; you've secured your purpose
Sprinkle a layer of light; you've nurtured your existence
Spray with constant reflection; you've understood reality
Hum the Praises of the Most High and sit firm; you've earned the worlds greatest contentment
Awe struck by such perfection; you've been a witness to the truth!

Signs are a Mercy for us within our own capacity to attain wisdom .....with eyes wide open embrace your path knowing it is your own actions that dictate your own satisfactions

Monday, April 14, 2008

Fasabrun Jameel

O'Beautiful Patience your bud is tightly wound, but your blossom is wide and round. You've been elevated by The Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Walk with me hand in hand, teach me your ways. For your roots are hard to plant but when embedded it runs deep. The stretch towards the top cannot be foreseen. Its road varies by each stem, but all come with their own share of obstacles. O'Beautiful Patience, I know your scent is greater than any my heart and soul has ever known, and I feel your strength in me. Show me the way beyond the obvious route, one that sends me Praising the Creator, Sustainer, Maintainer......the Knower of All things. O'Beautiful Patience you're hard to attain, but I yearn for your fruit, I yearn to know you. With a smile running from one side to the other, eyes filled with a wonder and a truth, I place myself in your care. I desire your teachings. O'Beautiful Patience ..... be patient with me, for my scope can be very narrow. Hold me up when I dangle by the edge, push me up to reach my potential. O'Beautiful Patience, how sweet you are, I daydream a taste of your nectar, a glance at your grace, a stroke of your elegance. O'Beautiful Patience, let me plant you correctly, let me love you for only He ; the Almighty! O'Beautiful Patience smile with me as we embark on this journey, just you, me and the Lord of the Worlds. May we remain steadfast to reap the rewards of a fantasy to be a reality. I can sense the load of this journey will not wear me down once I've firmly planted the roots, covered it and sealed it from the open enemy. O'Beautiful Patience, let me be one with thee....O'Beautiful Patience your bud is tightly wound, but your blossom is wide and round :)

Allahu Akbr :) :) Praise be to Allah swt Knower of All Things, who just says "BE" and it is......La illaha illah Muhammadur Rasoolulla sullahwho alyahi wa salaam.... :)

Monday, March 31, 2008

"Verily by the remembrance of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) do hearts find ease"

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Slumber's Truth

The wrinkles across my forehead represent more then just an agitation, it's a result of a soul stirred. Discontented with it's position, and unable to feel secure of the station it wishes to be upon. It's an awakening, a sharp twisting, a realization of a rank lower then one had even imagined. Feeling the affect and I'm definitely not proud. My head lowers in shame, as I need a moment, a span of Grace from the Almighty. It's a terrible feeling, to turn to see so much loss in span of a moment. It's a scary reality to not be able to acknowledge a widened path, that more then always branches to an entirely different path. The concept of seeing with clarity, was what I thought to be my reality. Haunted by the thought of failure or lack of strength to achieve the nearness that I desire. I cannot feel whole, for I fault with many holes. I staggered and I dawdled now the consequence is clear. The creases above my brows, the intense frown is a sadness within the soul, for I now see I am just that person that I never wanted to be.

May Allah subhanahu wa tala have Mercy on us for our shortcomings and give us strength to be more then just a vision, but rather a reality. Living within humility and intense purpose...Ameen.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

~Slaughtering Peace...!!!

I try to reason with man's decision to cause pain and confusion. I've yet to understand why we thrive on hurting one another, as if we don't also have a mother,sister, father, or brother. Are we really fighting to keep each other together? Or are we misusing power we have over one another? Lest we forget what it feels to pain, to have nothing to gain, just another playing in this bloody game. Awake each morning trying not to go insane, dying in vain, as no honor comes from wanting to join this terror.Do we want to end it, I wonder. Perhaps we should take a little while longer to ponder. Bomb after bomb, tomb after tomb, accomplishes what?...everlasting doom! Are we fighting to keep mankind safe, or just starting a race to see which nation will be the quickest to erase? It's a battle for power,not for a torn down tower, or the thousands for whom we place a flower. Peace is not found in war, for war bears nothing but broken spears, tears, distressed ears, and dead peers. Not forgetting, more hunger, more terror, more anger, being left with nothing to do but suffer. Missing so much- our hearts aching.Looking for someone to clutch- our souls breaking. But we continue misunderstanding the purpose of life, holding on tight to the knife. Our blood spilling, yet together it will always run, for we are all humans, waging a war that can never be won.
Written 5-6 yrs ago

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Let Death Be...

Let it be that moment to exhale, to prevail, to know that life has begun and not just hit its end. When death hits let it be a your moment to shine, a day to unwind, a way make the soul smile. Let it be a death worth dying. Let it be a life worth living. When death hits, let it be the one moment in your life you won't regret, let it be the only thing you ever worked for. When death hits let it be ...success!

Don't shy away from what what you can't control, don't run from what even the dumbest foo' knows will always come. March on baby, head up high walking a path that you can only pray is the one to a life of eternity. Not just forever-ness but pure bliss. Now tell me is this what you want to miss?

Take my mansion, take my bed, take my clothes, my comfort, take my all, just leave me my soul strong. All I wanna know is my book comes in the right hand, and that I've made it to a forever land without stress, hardships... just pure bliss.

Let death be your friend not your foe. Let it greet you in peace and not with "woe" . Let it be your life's work, let it be your ambition.

Let death be all that it is ......... the reality of what this is!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Touch the Sky!!

It is the nature of humans to seek out the easiest possible way to accomplish a task. For some a half hearted job just won't cut it, for others they're happy to just say 'I did it' regardless of the quality of work. Some accomplish their goals, overcome obstacles, and touch success with honor and dignity. Others feel the need to use deception, constantly seek sympathy, and basically 'hustle' to get to where they feel they need to go. Both will reap the rewards according to their struggle and effort, nothing less and nothing more.

In all that life brings us, all we can do is control how we react. Circumstances, people, or anything else are only a matter of distances that we need to go. They are the the moutains we must climb, and no mountain is ever too high. Not unless you decide it is. "Those that say they can and those that say they can't, are probably right" ..... so very true. EVERYTHING in this world is 'mind over matter'. If we believe we can do it, then we can. If we believe we can't, then we won't. It's that simple, no matter where you want to go. Naturally your heart and drive must be in full force...

Surrounded by hill tops all around us, breaking free from one to find another greater heap has come. From valleys to mountains, from rivers to lakes, beauty in its own challenge but challenges none the less. A swim or a climb towards that which we desire. Attainable! Reach for the stars, for once man thought it was impossible now he can touch the moon. No goal, no desire is unattainable; that is the nature of man. If his will and drive is there, no matter what the task he will achieve it. Through thick and thin, without counting minutes or counting days. Patience comes with ease when the reward is in the battle not only the result. Desire, Drive, and Defy all that comes your way,and you will surprise yourself.

Verily, nothing is impossible for Allah swt, and with your right foot forward go touch the sky! :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

One Step at a Time..

Look to the future and not the past

For a heart that is broken shall never last

Like a lion that stalks its prey...

..........hmmm now how did that poem go again?

Life works itself out in many different ways, often in ways we don't anticipate or comprehend. My life experience has taught me something valuable, and though for the past week I wasn't sure what to think of this lesson I still come back to it. In life, we must always, always seek the guidance of Allah swt. If we do that with a clear heart, mind and sincerity, then we must trust ourselves. Sometimes we spend days and nights analyzing and over analyzing to realize that we're more confused then when we started. There's no telling what is in people's heart's and why things occur in the ways that they do. If we trust Allah swt, then we can trust ourselves to use the wisdom He gives us to make choices in life. My recent incident, yes didn't go as planned, and yes a deathly disappointment.......but I have no regrets what so ever. I went with an open mind, and it didn't happen as planned. Who knows why, or what lesson must be learned, or perhaps it's merely a test of faith only God really knows. The point is after the human emotional aspect is done and the tears have been spilled, we can always feel good knowing that Allah swt is the best of Planners....

....Like a lion that stalks it's prey

Success will come it's way

with patience and prayer

We have nothing to fear

And though it hurts from the pain of emotion

Time will heal and love will form a new potion

In the end, life must go on

Who are we to truly know what is good for us or not

Praise be to He

That says 'BE' and it shall be!