Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Who Knows?

Bismillahi Al Rahman Al Raheem

I'm going to throw it down like this...
Perhaps if you can decode, you'll be the right toad? :)
Seeds are three, nurtured and watered by the Help of the Almighty
Home is their place to grow, where they come to know
The wild world is lost in its own song of narcissism and materialism
No longer do minds contemplate or stop to appreciate
Thus, my home is my favorite place to be - traditional is part of my identity
 I'm among the simplistic folk, none the less I enjoy a joke or friendly poke, some make up, a lil dress up
Literate in the kitchen, able to carry a meaningful conversation
Like to dwell deep into the reality, not so impressed by surface fluff
Alhamdulilah, my roots are strong - as is the sunflower
I hold tight blood bonds that encourage me towards The Master
I can often admit my wrongs and I have my fair share, but I've also felt the harsh wind once too many to borrow ...
This remains a drama free zone, I stand in anticipation for my eternal home
Which means the 'he', that I wish leading and guarding my family
Needs to be a weave of morality, honesty, values, and dignity
 See I've come to realize the ones who's eyes never run dry
The ones who exhaust all means to avoid lies
Are the ones that remain sincere and steadfast despite the trials
I'm lookin' for a solja that "hears and obeys"
The one with the Fire in his sight
And Paradise in his mind
Strictly preserving the Quran and AUTHENTIC Sunnah [period!!]
The Quran is my Guide, on the daily, through pain 'n ease the words provide comfort and support [Alhamdulilah]
 Not the type looking to justify stupidity: not the beast dining on the weak
Not just the appearance of piety; though the beard does make a man look mighty
I'd like to connect on every level
Be firm together, though seeds are not likely to be in my future
Shop is closed for the physical reached its quota [wa Allahu Alam]
By the Grace of Allah and the experience decreed for me, I'm a woman that has come to learn a man's needs
I like to study my role, hoping to roll like Khadijah (radiyalahu'anha) did
Though I know we (and me included in it) all have our faults, please be patient with me and I too will try
As long as we remain sincere in striving, not making excuses when we slip and stop abiding
I'm still looking for that one that can hold it down
And not give it all up cuz he's too busy playin' the clown
Though I can be soft and gentle - I can also be firm so know I'm not just going to settle
I'm looking to be lead to Jannah, not lead
If you aren't tryin' to stand steadfast you aren't going to fulfill my need(s)
I'm after pearl seats, with bricks of gold n' silver
Naturally with 30 years under me, can't say it all
Priorities should be clear; lessons have been learned through every fall
If you're feelin' this..  hit me up ...
If it's meant to be .....not even an army can stop it
Know before we diggin' it, you'll be dealing with my wali
Come to realize the one I'm after knows the worth of a woman is in approaching her proper .. ly
I prefer the blessing of doing it right, not taking a dip in the heat
Bismillah ... march on till the Plan of He takes its seat!

Sunday, September 02, 2012


The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: "Those who exaggerate will be ruined; those who exaggerate will be ruined; those who exaggerate will be ruined." [Sahih Muslim]

1736. Ibn Mas`ud (May Allah be pleased with him) said: The Prophet (PBUH) said, "Ruined are Al-Mutanatti`un.'' He repeated this thrice.

Commentary: Mutanatti`un are those people who are in the habit of making unnecessary and unreasonably fine distinctions, exaggeration, artificial and eloquent speech in simple matters. We learn from this Hadith that in all matters one should adopt simplicity and avoid exaggeration no matter whether in speech or action.

What About Us?

Being a critic is easy
Even as a child we can recognize what's cheesy
Society tells us having an opinion makes us intelligent
Often it's only to hate, or have something to say, therefore belligerent
It's after some time, perhaps with some thought we can begin to actually see
That the truth remains - it's a weakness inside me, he or she
Strength and wisdom that surpasses intelligence at any mark
Is derived by understanding the use of speech; silence is the finer art
It's the same concept of strength not being in the fist of a man
But being in his ability to control the desire to hit even if he can
It's not so simple, neither is speaking good or remaining silent
I've come to understand even if it's the honest truth it still bears no fruit
This is wisdom planting it's root (Insha'Allah)
Being a critic really reflects a defect within us
Perhaps the best place to start is asking, if we see fault in others what about us?