Sunday, July 15, 2007


Have you heard of this place, maybe not so far away; closer then our shoelace some say. I dream of it night and day. It is a luxury of the highest standard wherein only the righteous stay. I miss it - my home that is. Though we have yet to meet I am hoping in my short stay I would have gathered enough to earn a seat. My heart is homesick and scared - what if I do not make it? Streams, gardens - Ah! A dwelling within the heavens. My home, my heart, my joy, my comfort, my every dream, my every hope.

Awaiting bliss by being homesick!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Eclipse - The Stolen Light

29:63-64 And if you were to ask them: Who causes water to come down from the sky, and with it revives the earth after its death? They verily would say, God. Say: Praise be to God! But most of them have no sense. This life of the world is but a pastime and a game. Lo! The home of the Hereafter - that is life, if they but knew.

So caught up in this game, the game of life. So lost in this world, walking towards an unknown. Unaware, transparent to the ultimate truth. With a mission, with a task.....walking this world busying in our life. So caught up in this game called life. So lost in this world walking towards an unknown. Where are we going, does anyone truly know? Though we can see, though we are constantly reminded, it is not enough. Our memories fail us, fading the reality caught up in trying to make it, but make it where? Take a step out of your body and see life as a wandering soul, going where? Doing what? Money, friends, comforts of this world all end....though we know - why can we not feel it? Why do we forget so easily, why does it not mean anything to us? So caught up in this world just trying to make it a better way for ourselves, just trying to be good within our own kind. But do we live with real purpose? Do we live knowing there is an end, knowing that our life began in the darkness of the womb and it will end in the darkness of the grave - ECLIPSED! A short passage of light falls on us, it's our time, our moment, our opportunity - EMBRACE IT!........ if we know we would be in darkness for eternity what would we do with the hour of light we get? .. Perhaps ensure we would find comfort in our darkness before the light escapes? ....... Lost in our mind, lost in our world, corpses walking upon the earth. Inhale the light and let it radiant in the everlasting darkness. Become one with truth and your comfort will be secure. Breathe again o blessed ummah....breathe again before the light vanishes, before we are in our eternal resting place. Within the dirt, amongst the worms and debris. When our dust goes back as it came, when we are nothing but souls experiencing that which we prepared for when we were given the opportunity. Let’s breathe again ya Ummah....... let’s breathe again.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Selfish Gains

A man is a criminal when he steals, what is he when he chooses to kill those that have no defense? The innocent, the oppressed. It can only make a man obsessed with his own being, his own way of living. But stripped of his soul, dignity, honor, and respect ..... stripped of living his world content. Unless you can't see past the charade of extravagance beneath it lies an emptiness. A man is an animal none the less, a greater specie yet unable to contain himself, maintain himself with righteousness to humanity. It's a loss to the world, to mankind. Our worldly losses are individual gains - though a facade places forth appearing to be a victory. But step closer and you'll see ...put your hand forth and you will feel the heat of fire. The everlasting abode we may potentially retire. If it isn't collective then it's not worth it. It's an easy equation, which takes patience. Give each other your heart and your soul... think of others before your own. Life will be in peace, wars will seize, happiness will come with ease. Just takes a minute to look out around you, just takes a second to see. This is a rat race, I can see the pace...which evil will be faster to destroy a place? Compete with each other in good not for selfish gains. Selfish gains........... destroys the soul, the opportunity to dwell within the most extravagant of homes. Rise up to the challenge, ‘cause a selfish worldly gain is an everlasting loss and an eternity of strain.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Flithy Animals!! :(

This is in response to Guntanamo Bay... a sad situation :( .. my heart bleeds knowing such a thing exists and so openly... not even shame!

How can you be human, you disgusting man or woman?
You empty hollow soul, where ignorance is all you control
How can you sleep at night you nasty little mite?
How can you look at any being in the eye and not twitch, not cry?
How could you not feel for another?
How can you allow yourself to hurt in such cruelty … without dignity?!
How can you be a human, you twisted soul?
How could you say this is revenge when you’re hurting those that you can’t even say for sure?
Is this what you call honor and respect?
Is this what you call dying to keep the world safe and well kept?
How can you stand in the mirror and not drown in tears?Is locking a man behind bars not enough?
Do you have to strip him of his flesh and soul?
How do you wake up in the morning……?
How do you live knowing you are killer, a hunter, a savage!

No man must feel what they feel…no man must bear bruises especially in innocence. No man, no family, no mother, no wife, no human must be witness to such horror. God give you strength my brothers … God give you strength … Ameen :'( :'( :'(

Time waits for no one!

What is time in this world today?
Is it a healer or a killer?
Will it make you or break you?
What will it take from you?
Is it a changer or a way to say ‘hey maybe I don’t blame ya’?

What is time in this world today?
Will it be our cherished hour, minute or second?
Will it be just another hand or a tick-tock without a plan?
Is it our gift or our long list of what ‘ifs’?

What is time in this world today?
Will it be our destiny or just a mere excuse for our lack of effort to make it be?
Will it be our strength or our downfall?
Will it be our hand up or a bump to a pit below?

What is time in this world today?
Nothing but a wasted moment , wasted minute thinking of ourselves - our way
Emptiness in our being for our time only includes a selfish gain
It is the why we pain!
A human approach to excuse selfishness – let’s just worry about us
Is that it we live for…trying to make it more comfortable, maybe a beach house by the shore?

What is time in this world today………a wasted reality of what should have been yesterday!