Tuesday, August 28, 2012

At the tip of our nose...

I've got the solution... it's always been there
Somehow it's made to seem as though it's unclear
But it's so crisp; I can't believe how much I've missed
It's the prayer we're advised
'Read two when any decision needs to be derived'
I've come to realize it's much more than that
It's not for the moment, it's not once you've got the facts
It's the reinforcement of 'tawakal'ala Allah' - Trust in Allah
It's not a need to know basis
If done before knowledge comes it seems to be potent
Makes everything irrelevant to your benefit suddenly turn to fluff
That 'unknown' we can never know, if it's not good it just turns to dust
It makes the prized diamond look like a zircon
It's got a value no words can come close on
So I pass this well known findings on to you in its testimony
Anything that comes your way hit two before you know it's place
Before you even think about it's stay
Save yourself the burden of racking your brain
Just trust Allah, through words and actions - it's truly the greater gain!