Monday, January 30, 2012

Like it or Not!

My sisters I write this because I keep hearing the same riff
I'm going to say it as it is, so please take a breath in the name of understanding and not emotional standings
Many sisters start to trip when their man says .. "hey I'm looking ..."
"Looking?" she says, as though she doesn't quite know
"Yes, looking for number two!" he replies as though it's was in scripted in their lives
She's taken a back and it starts ...
Wife number one thinks she's not good enough
Wife number two thinks she's his dream come true
Perhaps you didn't know this so let me clarify ...
If he could'a married all four at once he would have
If he could go past four you better believe he'd try
It's not because he's a "dog" like society likes to say
It's the nature of man, God just made him this way
Just as a woman, we can't help to feel a pinch of jealousy
We're a lioness defending our territory
But the truth remains we're created to comfort and console
Not to dictate and control
The Laws have been laid
He gets up to four, and each should be paid
Paid in equality; shelter, clothes, food; the bare necessities
For a man if he really saw to the needs of his woman/women, there would be little room for insecurity
Somewhere it all got messed up...
He decided she'll work nine to five, pants and scarf that will have to be modest enough and that it's fair her rights she gives up
But for him, it's a matter of sin and so he asks that she toughens up
Justice is prescribed upon us all
Look within yourself before you all decide it's worth another family brawl
Success at its best is being selfless in nature
If everyone just decided they'd be concerned sincerely for each others akhira
If they both made it about their duty before their Lord
It would all be in sync
No one would feel disloyalty, no one would be hurt for they understand their unity....
All bases would be covered
Just the three of them or maybe five ... they'll work it all out with their Iman burning high!
Why choose to give it all up?
There's Shirk in loving beyond what Allah has chosen for us
Polgyny is our belief and we are obliged to submit
Not through an ultimatum for our hearts are known to Him
No man is worth giving up your place in the akhira, for the home of the rebellious is the heat of His Promise
Submit, so He will admit
And forget not your worth, for no woman will be the same as you no matter how you cut it up, he'll love and respect your loyal support more than any extra comfort!
Don't consider it competition, this is our way, our complete submission

Polygny is a concept that has existed and still exists in other cultures and religions before the advent of Islam. The only difference is Islam sets limits and rights for the women invovled.

Don't be a hater just 'cause your ego feels threatened........ just keeping it real!
'Abdullah reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: It is obligatory for you to tell the truth, for truth leads to virtue and virtue leads to Paradise, and the man who continues to speak the truth and endeavours to tell the truth is eventually recorded as truthful with Allah, and beware of telling of a lie for telling of a lie leads to obscenity and obscenity leads to Hell-Fire, and the person who keeps telling lies and endeavours to tell a lie is recorded as a liar with Allah.

Muslim :: Book 32 : Hadith 6309

Saturday, January 28, 2012

. . . ?

Count your blessings before they're all gone, stressing ain't worth having when it's all in the name of "fun". Forced to look deeper for the reality of life has stung. Where does the path of success lead; we question yet we've have not even begun. Driving in random directions; to our lowly desires we have succumb. The beat of the the beast within; echoing on our tongues. The theft of a thief in bright daylight; our dignity is numb. Robbed and rapped by a chosen fate, stripped by our inability or desire to equip. Or maybe the times are such where we're just all "whipped". Controlled masses, dancing like dervish training classes. In a state of hypnosis, no one seeing how we're on the cold shift, the last bit, frozen by past occurrences we're an ice stick. Every sin that existed we're holdin', yet we think we're rolling. Yelling "I've got the right *beep* ". Never mind vulgar it's a heart in contempt, arrogance its friend. Deception lies in the lives we call free, yet chained by our own lack of integrity or sincerity. Honor and dignity, basic morals and principals a concept only known as piety, a choice made only when in dire need.Maybe, if we can rise above our greed? How did we come to bleed such an evil existence? How do we sleep when we're harvesting our own resistance? Pray hard for we're losing the purpose of our existence......

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"The optimist is the one who sees opportunities in their difficulties and the pessimist is the one who sees difficulties in their opportunities".
~ unknown

Saturday, January 07, 2012

The difference between a man and a woman..

A man will start something but often doesn't know how to finish....

... a woman on the other hand may appear to finish but never quite stop

So men if you ever give your woman a gift then make sure it's a complete package with love, meaning and HER in mind. Women, when you accept the gift then finish it by appreciating and stop there. Do not continue and go on about about how it wasn't finished right (ie. no thought, odd show of love, or lack of HER in mind [too much of HIM in the gift])


Friday, January 06, 2012

Age of Entitlement...

I really dislike the phrases "I'mah get mine" or "get yours"
What made you entitled to anything?
Haven't you realized nothing belongs to you ?
It all belongs to the Almighty
So while you're "getting yours" you're neglecting your core; your duty out the door
You ain't entitled to heaven
Just 'cause you say you believe, doesn't mean you earned your seat
The seeker will be granted what it's after
You'll regret how "yours" got you locked out of a blissful hereafter
It's not about getting what you THINK you deserve
It's about striving, about keeping your duty, understanding your responsibility
Begging and pleading for His Mercy, while purifying yourself for your soul's eternity
The reality is we've been brained washed
And what is, isn't actually reality
So we continue thinking that we're making it while maintaining our piety
Got rap songs singing our emotions
When it's feeding us poisons
Man's destruction comes from his own greed
Not satisfied even if he's roofed, clothed and harvesting obesity's seed
Gifted with education and riches of a '1st World Nation'
Yet he's still pushing to "get his"
............the age of entitlement
cash flow moves all around me ..........
Greeeeed, got the betta of me
I'mah chase it even if I lose my own dignity
I gotta get my mines foo', cause that what I was taught
"Dolla dolla billz y''s hell I bought, for the life of this world I I rot....

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

You can't find love nor buy love
It isn't in an instant spark - it is only gifted from above
The reality is true love is not an emotion, it's a state of mind
You can only develop it when you understand it
Understanding can only be established with time
For memories of moments aren't enough to form an inscription
It takes trial and sincere sacrificing to earn such a lofty position
If love were to be reached merely by a greeting
We'd find little animosity or hurting
That's only a characteristic of heaven; a blissful eternal abode
Of which "peace be upon you" is exclaimed with affection, with a sincere hold
Love seems to be that ever sought after commodity
Everyone in search of "love" through some type of "click" reaction
How'd that ever work out? It takes a soul content in a state of satisfaction
Boils down to true appreciation
Controlled by ethics and values of our creation
Find one that speaks to your soul by their role
Deal with their shortcomings by reminding yourself of the goodness they hold
For no being is perfect
Their perfection lies in the realization that that's how they're created
Point being is, flaws we all have ... that's inevitable
As long as your soul isn't constantly fighting to stay whole
You've got yourself a time precious pearl forming into gold...

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Details of project: Collect NEW and USED books. Islamic and secular books in all subjects. Ages 5 years old to College students.
Suggestions: Arts and Crafts, Trades, Math, Sciences, English, Arabic, Mechanics, Computers (current).

Book drive in YOUR area? The books will be shipped from Capitol Heights, Maryland. If you are able to collect books in your area and ship them either to Maryland (U.S.A), Toronto (Canada), or Zambia (Africa) please let us know, so I we can direct people to the closest contact.

How they will be delivered: Shipped from Maryland (U.S.A.) -
Accepting cash donations for shipping costs.

U.S.A. (Maryland):
Atten: Book Drive
1 Chamber Avenue
Capitol Heights, MD 20743


Canadian (Ontario):
Areas you can drop books off: Mississauga, Markham, Durham Region

U.K. (London):
Smart Ark Ltd
PO Box 61244
London N17 1AZ

Africa (Zambia):
Makeni Institute Trust
P.O. Box 31721
Lusaka, Zambia

CUT OFF DATE for all books is March 1st, 2012
Please come together even if it's one book and donate to a worthy cause. Knowledge is a great gift, so please donate with good intentions!!

Makeni Institute Trust is a registered charitable organization: 7000000726808

Please email if you would like a flyer to print out or email to others.