Friday, November 30, 2012

A Mile

Until you walk in the same shoes you'll never know how it feels
You can't even relate, so let's just keep it real 
My 'own' is within my capacity; this is no complaint
I remain 'human', so my emotions aren't always straight
Judge me as you like
It's no concern of mine
But know that you really don't know until you've walked the mile
I appreciate the the sympathy
But I'm not after empathy 
This is my decree and I'll face it like woman
Just don't expect that I'm free from faults and I can bear it almost non-human
I'm reaching my capacity 
Knuckleheads need not apply - I'm through with all the stupidity 
I don't claim perfection but I do try my hardest
It's a messed up equation -  this is my test
I don't trust my vision is straight
Each knock makes me doubt myself and accept my mistakes
I know only He Knows what's good and that's part of the reason I don't digress in this stress 
Although I do admit, it's a mental battle wondering if my next move is best
I suppose in the end none of us really know what's up

It's just a matter of trying and the rest will just flow as it's been written: only He to Knows...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Label Me Muslim

I've given up on all these denominations, it's a secular mentality to create all these organizations. Who said it takes a label to become eligible? It's not even a reflection of the practical. I've noticed a hypocrisy in some people that preach humility, when it comes to accepting the truth there need not be any discrepancy. It's quite simple, the system got complicated when everyone decided they know how to play it. I've never once come across the ideology that affiliation brings about harmony, or more than that, it produces a blissful eternity. I keep reading the same reminder, calling on the people to believe without hesitation, submit and increase in righteous good deeds. Adhere to words sent to him, and follow his example, the Prophet - peace be upon him.Before he parted it was perfected. Any different and you've subjected yourself to have your deeds rejected. My position was stated the day I chose to submit, the Prophet (peace be upon him) left us as Muslims and that was it. I'm not interested in any other title, I'm trying to just make it and fight my own internal battle. Truth doesn't require a group, it's in relying on Him, submitting, pleading for the truth. Nothing left but to enjoy the fruit, tears watering, nurturing the belief directed in fear and hope to Him Alone. It's not so complicated but Shaytaan has us arguing - dividing, sometimes even within our own homes. I don't care to argue, though I may agree to disagree. Truth needs no defense and thus I follow the words locked down and chained, even the devil can't break the fence. As such the foundation and example laid out always follows. Sincerity and truth are seeds in the hollow of our root; we've been given the blue print, there's no need to borrow. All matters and decisions return to Him! May He Guide us and Forgive us, may our existence be for His Pleasure, may we stand united by choosing not to be divided. May we uphold the status given to us, the Muslim - the one who Submits to the will of God. No questions, no need to applaud. We've been created to know, but keep ourselves distracted by our ego. It's upto us how we want to roll ... 

3 minutes of your time.. watch,; this is wisdom, Masha'Allah (title of video doesn't make the point..)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

This is for our brother Omar Khader...

It's been a heavy road to travel
Caged like an animal for defending your right to your own survival
Persecuted for throwing back the very weapon aimed to destroy 
A man of 15 years old, you held down beyond the capacity of a young boy

They've kept you for a decade and just can't seem to let go
Guess they were hoping to break your spirit but you're still standing - that's the call of a hero
What's the fear of a man that simply defends himself?
Except that they can't comprehend the mind that fears nothing in this life
I can't claim to even know how it feels, but I admire the strength for I see innocence that we were not made to see
A message to the masses that choose to hate...
You're looking in the wrong direction, your enemy isn't the young man that's locked down in wait
No, the enemy isn't the child covered in debris throwing back the weapon of a terrorist trying to destroy his family
The enemy is the hand that feeds you,takes your sons, husbands, fathers and brothers and tells them to defend their territory
Defend the land, give this life up and kill those that have barely enough food to live
It's obvious most don't take a second to think.. 
Sit down and put yourself in the same place as him
This is for the man who's physical being was lowered and disgraced
But his mental state has been enhanced and firmly placed
May he be honored before the Most High, and elevated in rank
Allah alone do we need, He alone do we ask,  to Him alone we bow and to Him we thank

Humbled Servant

One of the Salaf said: ‘Indeed the servant commits a mistake by which he enters Paradise. And he performs a good deed by which he enters the Fire.’

It was asked, ‘How so?’

He said, ‘He commits a mistake and so it remains before his eyes. When he recalls it he regrets it, resigns [himself to] and earnestly implores Allaah, and hastens to erase it, and he becomes broken and humble before his Lord, and his self-amazement and arrogance disappears. And he will perform a good deed and it will remain before his eyes, he sees it and uses it as a favour, and becomes self-conceited because of it, becomes arrogant because of it, until he enters the Fire.’”

(Ibn al-Qayyim (r.a.) - Al-Waabilus-Sayyib minal-Kalimit-Tayyib)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Socially Legit

Before all couples were dealing with was personality
Now the issues are loaded with 'self' and corroded with social implication
The perfect concoction for the emotional whirlpool
Reality behind ideologies not reaching status quo
So its the broken heart fed by the television show

Whether she can't seem to stay flawless during the night
Or he can't seem to be ballin' like a Prince or a Knight
.... Perhaps it's not to such an extreme?
Just, 'make sure I stay your ONLY Queen'
And make sure we're cruising the Nile hand in hand
While he holla's "mah lady betta keep up"
'If I don't have your attention, I might have to sneak off'

Social sustainability?
Now it's an unhappy he and she
Complicated arrangement if I do say so...
Knock it all down and own your own
Not the borrowed perception of love, happiness and affection
Just keep it right with each other, having an honorable intention