Sunday, September 09, 2007

Today's Tomorrow

O' bitter world might I be a stranger within thee
O' blessed earth may I live an ascetic life
O' grieving heart might I die with one mission
O' harsh world might I turn my back to your ways
O' fruitful earth might I only take from you what I need
O' heavy heart might you find peace in the remembrance of God

Yearning a way of life beyond the norm of society
Yearning for a higher purpose beyond that of our materialistic imagination
Yearning to be traveller on route to everlasting bliss
Yearning to sacrifice worldly goods to benefit a higher purpose

May I live as though my last breathe will take me, live with honour, live with a consciousness of good against the ways of the evil lurking around us. The evil ways disguised by success, disguised with the speech "the smart thing to do" ....ways far beyond our source of peace.

O Lord of the heavens and earth and all that in between, O Lord of Mercy, O Lord of the Day of Judgement, Giver of Peace, Giver of Success. The Mighty, The Wise, The Knower of all things unseen....Ya Rabb hear the cries of our heart, hear our prayers, let us be submerged in truth....O King of Kings, grants us true success in this world and the hereafter...Ameen.

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