Monday, April 14, 2008

Fasabrun Jameel

O'Beautiful Patience your bud is tightly wound, but your blossom is wide and round. You've been elevated by The Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Walk with me hand in hand, teach me your ways. For your roots are hard to plant but when embedded it runs deep. The stretch towards the top cannot be foreseen. Its road varies by each stem, but all come with their own share of obstacles. O'Beautiful Patience, I know your scent is greater than any my heart and soul has ever known, and I feel your strength in me. Show me the way beyond the obvious route, one that sends me Praising the Creator, Sustainer, Maintainer......the Knower of All things. O'Beautiful Patience you're hard to attain, but I yearn for your fruit, I yearn to know you. With a smile running from one side to the other, eyes filled with a wonder and a truth, I place myself in your care. I desire your teachings. O'Beautiful Patience ..... be patient with me, for my scope can be very narrow. Hold me up when I dangle by the edge, push me up to reach my potential. O'Beautiful Patience, how sweet you are, I daydream a taste of your nectar, a glance at your grace, a stroke of your elegance. O'Beautiful Patience, let me plant you correctly, let me love you for only He ; the Almighty! O'Beautiful Patience smile with me as we embark on this journey, just you, me and the Lord of the Worlds. May we remain steadfast to reap the rewards of a fantasy to be a reality. I can sense the load of this journey will not wear me down once I've firmly planted the roots, covered it and sealed it from the open enemy. O'Beautiful Patience, let me be one with thee....O'Beautiful Patience your bud is tightly wound, but your blossom is wide and round :)

Allahu Akbr :) :) Praise be to Allah swt Knower of All Things, who just says "BE" and it is......La illaha illah Muhammadur Rasoolulla sullahwho alyahi wa salaam.... :)

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