Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our Starvation

We know it's there, we've heard of it's existence....
We've been told and constantly reminded
But we've been brained washed and branded
Turned from humans of intellect to animals
Making survival of the fittest nothing but greed
It's a selfish realm we breed
Eyes walk with death lurking near
Body begging for someone to nurture
Ribs bearing all that words can say
Neglect of priorities has made it this day
Hearts don't breathe any more
For hearts with life would turn deathly sore
Not just blue in the face and then back to me and you
No, our hearts are filled to its capacity
Though blessed with space and flexibility
It encompasses nothing but drama
Too busy trying to make 'right' our self inflicted wrong
When we've got a world of worries to keep us busy
Stripped of dignity, void of mercy
Forgive us for our neglect beautiful child
For we are diseased and unable to find time to go beyond a tear in our eye
Please don't spite us on the day of Reckoning
Please don't hate us, pray for our awakening
Ya Raabi stir our soul, Ya Raabi make us whole again
Protect us from the wrong we place on our own
Make easy for those we fail to embrace and hold....Ameen

Preparing Wedding Feast

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Hajar said...

Masha Allah, those are such disturbing photos! Indeed, we are aware of the reality of human sufferings especially among our brothers and sisters. Yet, many of us choose to turn away from it. May they attain a bountiful of blessings during this blessed month.