Friday, July 18, 2008

Diagnosis: Verbal Diarrhea

What is the word of a man worth in this time?...

It's merely a ringing bell, a chime, sounds that are benign, that can't get past the hymn. It's a pleasantry upon the palate, beyond that it's just a malice. Words that are baseless, just spill and are tasteless. The words of a man should not be a mere noise or sound.It's a transaction, a receipt of interaction. It's a mark left to console, for the word of a real man is not just a word. It's an intent, it's a step into action. If you don't have your word, then you are nothing more than a soothsayers attraction. Define character by making your talk walk, and not just your talk rock. Words that move come with proof of it's groove. A rare quality to find in these times, where all talk does is talk, and all walk does is get your ego in a buzz. Make the words that you utter be the truth in its entirety.Let it be more than just a disillusioned piety but rather an adjective designed to elevate your weight by the Power of the Most High.C'mon, make your soul fly!!

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Farzeen said...

Assalaamu'alaykum Shir

Really nice.. masha'Allah.. Makes ya think.

'Aint that the truth! "Words of man should not be mere noise or sound. It's a transaction, a receipt of interaction."