Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's NEVER enough..

It's never enough...
Haven't you noticed
Dude can have a BMW but still wants the Ferrari
Can have the nicest, sweetest, hottest wife or two but still wants another
Can have shoes to match every outfit but it's not enough
Can watch every movie and go to every show, but still needs to be entertained
Can have the world but it's never enough...
The wealthy ones have yet to find true success
Gratitude is the only tool for happiness
This never ending wheel of materialism; a tiring form of socialism
It's all made in China, name brands are only designed to pacify the material mind
The hearts that yearn for the best marketed....... where is the cut off point of "best", the price tag?
Competition is not about quality, it's not even about quantity any more
It's just boredom..... empty hearts, empty minds can never be filled with the tangible and its likes
Show me someone that's earned satisfaction through their possessions?
The only form of comfort wealth brings is the lack of worry about paying the bills...
Well....even that, greed causes man to surpass that, so much so even the richest are broke like a joke, bankrupt dressed in Armani's latest
How about the 'average joe'.. the one that doesn't have so much money to blow?
Whom "mediocre" entertainment (tv), never seems to satisfy
That explains why millions watch murder and decapitation of a human; how sick are humans that their desires have caused them to find pleasure evil?
It's this on-going it's just gross....
Can't even be satisfied with the opposite gender ..
Liberated they say?
Captivated by the emptiness inside
It seems it's just never enough
When will we draw the line and just be happy with what we have
Stop the chase
Stop the rat race
Just be pleased for we are on top of the food chain
Our greatest enemy is ourselves...
Paradise is awaiting us through His Mercy, our Gratitude; a noble gain!
May we be among the ones who's marked with a righteous name.. Ameen

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Farzeen said...


So true... it's the mark of emptiness.