Sunday, September 02, 2012

What About Us?

Being a critic is easy
Even as a child we can recognize what's cheesy
Society tells us having an opinion makes us intelligent
Often it's only to hate, or have something to say, therefore belligerent
It's after some time, perhaps with some thought we can begin to actually see
That the truth remains - it's a weakness inside me, he or she
Strength and wisdom that surpasses intelligence at any mark
Is derived by understanding the use of speech; silence is the finer art
It's the same concept of strength not being in the fist of a man
But being in his ability to control the desire to hit even if he can
It's not so simple, neither is speaking good or remaining silent
I've come to understand even if it's the honest truth it still bears no fruit
This is wisdom planting it's root (Insha'Allah)
Being a critic really reflects a defect within us
Perhaps the best place to start is asking, if we see fault in others what about us?

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