Saturday, May 18, 2013


They don't c'aul it S-Class fo nutin
Upgrade upon purchase you'll be stutterin' 
Wondering how you got an S600
When you thought you'd just invested a few hundred
Sometimes you don't realize the worth
Until you learn to understand true value and unearth
Dig up tha mentality, realize a Hijabi is wrapped in modesty
She ain't puttin on a show for the world to know
Reserved for her's truly; her beauty she owns
Takes depth and insight to understand beauty lies in the right
Takes wisdom and maturity to realize a woman is best when she submits only to He
It's the battle of the fittest
Have Weed Man spray off the weakest
He who inhales the same toxins become part of the same sickness
Be it a he or a she
The soil that bears our future progeny 
Requires pure hands to remain organic and pesticide free
It's a balanced union you see
Working towards the same destiny creates harmony
Any deficiency in one will either corrupt the other or produce nothing further
Quality appears to be undefined in society
So I say, 'S-Class' remains marked by true sincerity 
As this is the foundation of real piety 

.. And Allah Knows Best!


ahmedoman said...

Masha Allah
Well written
Beautiful msgs....
May Allah always grant happiness and tranquality sister

Ahmed Oman...

Umm Abdullah said...

Jazaka'Allah Khairan!.. Ameen.. and you too brother!

profile new said...

wow s class Benz is so amazing