Monday, July 09, 2007

Selfish Gains

A man is a criminal when he steals, what is he when he chooses to kill those that have no defense? The innocent, the oppressed. It can only make a man obsessed with his own being, his own way of living. But stripped of his soul, dignity, honor, and respect ..... stripped of living his world content. Unless you can't see past the charade of extravagance beneath it lies an emptiness. A man is an animal none the less, a greater specie yet unable to contain himself, maintain himself with righteousness to humanity. It's a loss to the world, to mankind. Our worldly losses are individual gains - though a facade places forth appearing to be a victory. But step closer and you'll see ...put your hand forth and you will feel the heat of fire. The everlasting abode we may potentially retire. If it isn't collective then it's not worth it. It's an easy equation, which takes patience. Give each other your heart and your soul... think of others before your own. Life will be in peace, wars will seize, happiness will come with ease. Just takes a minute to look out around you, just takes a second to see. This is a rat race, I can see the pace...which evil will be faster to destroy a place? Compete with each other in good not for selfish gains. Selfish gains........... destroys the soul, the opportunity to dwell within the most extravagant of homes. Rise up to the challenge, ‘cause a selfish worldly gain is an everlasting loss and an eternity of strain.

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