Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Flithy Animals!! :(

This is in response to Guntanamo Bay... a sad situation :( .. my heart bleeds knowing such a thing exists and so openly... not even shame!

How can you be human, you disgusting man or woman?
You empty hollow soul, where ignorance is all you control
How can you sleep at night you nasty little mite?
How can you look at any being in the eye and not twitch, not cry?
How could you not feel for another?
How can you allow yourself to hurt in such cruelty … without dignity?!
How can you be a human, you twisted soul?
How could you say this is revenge when you’re hurting those that you can’t even say for sure?
Is this what you call honor and respect?
Is this what you call dying to keep the world safe and well kept?
How can you stand in the mirror and not drown in tears?Is locking a man behind bars not enough?
Do you have to strip him of his flesh and soul?
How do you wake up in the morning……?
How do you live knowing you are killer, a hunter, a savage!

No man must feel what they feel…no man must bear bruises especially in innocence. No man, no family, no mother, no wife, no human must be witness to such horror. God give you strength my brothers … God give you strength … Ameen :'( :'( :'(

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