Friday, August 03, 2007

"Give a little of yourself..." --- my angels.. Masha'Allah

This post isn't going to be another poem but a cute incident that happened the other day. My dear eldest son, Abdullah (4 yrs old) got up a lil bit earlier than I did. So he went downstairs to find his nana sitting outside. He didn't come in my room at all. When I woke up maybe 30 minutes later he was standing by my door I guess to check if I was up. While I was sleeping he had picked a flower from the backyard and placed it on my bedside table. Without anyone telling him to do so. There after he ran to show me the flower he put and then climbed in bed to just talk :) And he's only 4 Masha'Allah!! I pray Insha'Allah both my boys will be this considerate when they grow up and make their wives the happiest women ever. After all we're at a shortage of decent men :P ... yes, yes and women I suppose :P

As for my lovely Umar *Masha'Allah*...he's still young (2.5 yrs) but Masha'Allah today he so kindly looked at me and said "mommy would you like some of my cookie" ... he was eating a chocolate chip cookie, fresh out of the oven made by Abdullah,Umar and a lil bit of my help :) Cookies made with lil hands are indeed the tastiest! :)

It's amazing what a lil kind gesture and an unanticipated thought towards someone can do.Doing something that is expected of you, and doing something for the mere sake of trying to please a person or even share part of yourself with's such a huge difference. One is responsibility and the other is love. I don't know if it's innocence or just upbringing....Allahu Alim.

May we be of those who are aware of who is around us and be considerate souls.... Ameen.

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