Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Power of Dua'a/Supplication

Some might feel that whenever they pray to God and ask of Him it's as though it's just "a thing to do" and they are really not doing much by it. But really.....and I say this from first hand experience, do not under estimate the power of dua'a, especially sincere supplication. Before I continue my thoughts on the subject I want to share a very beautiful hadith:

"The invocation of anyone of you is granted (by God) if he does not show impatience (by saying, "I invoked God but my request has not been granted.") -Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him]

We as humans are impatient by nature ( me, myself, and I very much included in this). It is only out of arrogance we say "I prayed for blah, blah, blah and it hasn't happened... either God doesn't hear me, or doesn't care". That's like a human emotionally blackmailing someone else, *ahem*.. trying to guilt trip God??

Allah swt is the All Knowing, All Wise, a leaf does not fall without His Knowledge. Having said that, let me share my experience with you.

I asked Allah swt one day out of my own stupidity and youth (with good intentions InshaAllah) for Allah swt to test me because He tests those that He loves. I wanted to be loved by my Creator, being young, I made this dua not understanding that tests can also lead to our destruction if we do not deal patiently. Alhamdulilah, when my test did come I immediately realized that it was an answer to my duaa's (which by then I learned not to make such duaa'). Allahu Alim how I faired on my test, but it passed as does most things in life. Then I supplicated to Allah swt to do something for His Pleasure and made the intention that it was only from Him Alone I embarked on this journey in the hopes of doing good by Him. It took me a while to realize that my intention was something I am being tested on. We cannot say we believe and expect to not be tested. And so the next trial sailed through not as gracefully as the first...and now it is the past Alhamdulilah. I find myself maturing through my own dua and now I ask Allah swt to grant me good in this world and the next, a partner in righteousness  and comfort to earn His Pleasure together, to protect my children and family from the every increasing Fitna of the world, and to not test me in a difficult way as I am weak.Subhan'Allah!!..( and for us all...Ameen)

Allah swt Hears those that turn to Him... He Knows our hearts better than we do. He Knows the hearts of others and their true condition. So me, the normal me that has ants in her pants, afraid life will pass me by without being a productive servant of Allah swt is going to sit still, attempt to be beautifully patient, trust Allah swt from the depths of my soul and supplicate whilst keeping my heart and eyes open for that which Allah swt brings my way. 

This is the reason my business is on a stand still.... my everything is just pending until I feel it's the right move. We must make an effort, but there's a fine like between effort and haste!! I'm trying to walk the line 'cause I've fallen one too many times; my hands are bruised but my heart is whole :) ALHAMDULILAH!!:)

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