Thursday, January 20, 2011

Truth stings but lies burn

Flaming through bridges,through pillars meant to keep us firm

For all the truth there is the reality of it

But for all the lies there's only chaos in it

Uncontrolled, unexplained, confusion by the sane

Selfish let it be it's name,for deceit is designed to protect the ego and destroy the mind

A lie runs through veins that had to bear witness to the truth

On fire within the flesh it breeds a greater test

For it's carrier it may fuel until only ash remains

But for others, it's trust that will never be the same

No, this isn't the blame game

It's the sting of the truth that I face whilst stating my claim

Down on me for I got stung twice

Who is he that walks the earth like a dice?

But I do have one protection and pray it remains mine

The beauty of intention makes outcomes always be fine

So I rhyme........I just rhyme as every thought comes to mind

Praise the Lord I still have my faith, thank the Lord for keeping me safe

Hoping for my success in this world's test and my lifelong rest (InshaAllah)

Would have liked it to not be this way
But every step leads to a greater lay, to a lasting stay ( InshaAllah)

So I end this ready for a brighter day; thankful mine wasn't harder than they


MarĂ­a M said...

Through Poetry we let the others know our inner self,... I like this poem.

Shireen said...

Thanks sis, I like to hide my inner self in riddles especially to the world. This is why I haven't posted much, a lot of what I've written hasn't been very "hidden" :)