Monday, July 04, 2011

What's the beauty of Khadijah...

She had the past with her to make her stronger... to make her wiser
She understood the needs of her man, that made him long her
She supported him in truth, she upheld her honor
Her children a reflection of her
Strength in their core
She was the communities envy
Sought after by many
But she rejected their approach
For she knew the worth of a man didn't come with his notes
Widowed, and divorced ; shaped by life's course
Gave it all up, for what she knew was truth
Held it down for she knew it's worth
Wisdom was her legacy
What's the beauty of Khadijah ...
Successful and beautiful yet she yearned only for the truthful
Experience in her dealings gave her the eye to clearly see things
Peace be upon her, greetings sent directly from the Angel Gibraeel
Her worth, a reflection of her sincere work
Her support, her love, her dedication makes her a lesson in our relations
She moved gracefully, like a Queen
Held it down faithfully, like a soldja
Nurtured her bounties, the best mother
Supported her husband, a loyal worker, the sweetest cover
Gave them comfort, like a cushion, the greatest luxury on earth
She didn't complain, she worked like team, together they maintained
She was a 'woman' in every sense of the word
She knew her duty, she knew the worth of her role
She understood that her position was crucial
She knew the of title of mother and wife is lethal
Making her a woman not forgotten to this day
Making others jealous of her even though she passed away
Making her a wife in who's husband heart she always stayed; honoring her even when in peace she lay
Making her a mother, with firmly rooted seeds, who's progeny reached perfection; a leader in eternity
She understood her role
She understood her worth
What's the beauty of Khadijah you say..
She was one of few females to reach perfection through the tawakil she displayed
An example of true dedication, her story relayed ..
June 30- 2011

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