Thursday, July 28, 2011

Altered Mentality

Don't blame us for our social education
We didn't choose to hear it
We struggle with our roles, it ain't all hormonal
The job of a man, the mind of a woman
How do you expect two to flow in a smooth union?
He let's his duty slide upon her
But he doesn't understand she's got her own work
If he says " well then I'm going to have contribute to her role too"
Make it even, so we work as two
Sufficient as it can be in today's society
But the mind has now altered its natural disposition
No matter how you cut it up, you've divided the situation
It isn't to blame, the he or the she
This is how the times are now, where we've come socially
I wonder if the true existence of our being remains intact fully
Some how I think we've lost a part of humanity
The greed of society decided logic makes more sense
"Team work", both working towards dollars and cents
And so he's forced to see more than he can handle
And she forced to be more than she can handle
Then they come back home and wonder why they struggle
Wonder why they can't seem to see eye to eye
Can't seem to make the necessary sacrifice
Each experiencing a separate life, devil in the mix to separate man and wife
It's social epidemic
The base of our creation no longer systematic
Everybody just trying to "make it"
Question is, where are you tryin' to make it to?
I know the social pressure making us doubt ourselves especially if the hereafter is our endeavour
The stranger remains firm, to be seen no more than the stranger
But give glad tidings, for your life doesn't begin now
Thrills and frills of life- this can't be how!
They call it the "New WORLD Order"
A one mind design, where sacrifice means loving yourself harder
Where love means you need to fight for yourself stronger
Where struggle means you need to live it up larger
Where success means you ain't got'ta barter .. ...
.......Though it all boils down to one question
What's the purpose of our Creation??


Anonymous said...

Love this!Going to be sharing this. Thanks :)

Shireen said...

No,no, thank you.. whoever you are:)