Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's the nemesis of our own arm
Inflicting our own harm
World in chaos , suffering it's own loss
Self destructing
Past is reconstructing
Overview of the Thamud and 'Aad
Overview of the Firaun and Nuh's Ark
Depths of destruction, flooded and shook
The people mistook
Their arrogance lead to depths of negligence
Their defiance lead them to their own death sentence
Put out with the lightening and thunder; Who Controls It? .. Don't you wonder?
Put out by an explosive nature, who Who Owns it?.. The Creator!
Rebelliousness was their nature
The past is suppose to be lessons for the future
But the future chose to get stupider
Ignorancee vast in an ocean of accessible knowledge
What excuse is left that is worthy to be acknowledged?
Dumb chose dumber
Weak chose weaker
Strength chose arrogance
And we remain pleading ignorance
Does it even make any sense?
It's the nemesis of our own arm
Inflicting our own harm
So when you see it strike, know you chose your plight
You picked this fight
And ALL Success belongs to HE
Who Controls every entity
Ya Raabi, Protect us from Your Wrath
For Your Punishment is indeed extreme and harsh!

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