Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Look whats going on in the world...tragic ends and calamities"
Soliders fighting for fun, enjoying killin' made-up enemies
Wars waged and no end in sight
Fighting for land, death their only plight
Crime increasing, greedy for living
Purposeless opinions, designed to divide unions
Cries of stress are now screaming
Hunger a crisis, the world stopped seeing
Blood shed a reality, stories now aren't even moving
Too much turmoil , the world's still snoozing
Caught up in their "lives" , tryin' make it before one dies
Caught up in the 'lies', strivin' thinking it's all right
Caught up in the fight, narcissist thinkin' he's in the right
Weakness of man getting weaker
Corruption penetrating a veins, getting deeper
Isolating the mind, the disease is stronger
Controlled to see one way, the soul assigned to an evil keeper
Distracted by the media
Drowning out the truth, just you and wikipedia
Blinded by the strayed view,so you stay confused
Relish in your group, their views you root
Blankin' out the ability to contemplate, it's easier to just hate
Why over think it, there's enough out there, just tryin' to 'make it'
System malfunticon , corruption detected
Overload of dung, the stench permeates masses being selected
No one saved from the clutch of society
Unless they hold on tight to piety
Sincerely within their ability
Mindful of the Almighty
Seeing the reality
Bitin' down, fighting against immorality
Values and views not compatibile with society
Understanding who rules, entering the rightous hierarchy
Truth your tools, you're strivin' for eternity
Lose the fools
And you've earned your victory

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