Thursday, December 15, 2011

Exaggerated State

How did exaggeration become so day-to-day?
I catch myself doing it, embedded into our daily speech
The phrases we say, like "I've done it a million times today?"
Really? No, not literally but that's how it ends up to be
What is, isn't actuality
Even within our own being it's a hard catch to see
How did truth get distorted so dangerously
Where we've said it so many times we're convinced it's part of our reality
Like, "I'm trying my best..."
Oh yah ...
If that's the case then you fail in patience for you just complained
For "my best" becomes an excuse; exaggerated and strained
Yet for some reason we're convinced
That amidst our test we should raise our flags and give up
The battle internally rages, it's fire fumes in stages
And instead of humbling ourselves we become engulfed in fluff
The fuzzy-ness that we choose to describe our state of mind
The exaggerated phrases and over the top lines
Keep us mentally deluded or in stress arrogance can find
I suffer no less than the rest in my confusion
Steps to reform I've been told come from acknowledgment and confession
Corrections greatest enemy is the concept of realization
So I question....... how did our speech become so loose?
Where did we come up with the phrases we use?
Does it reflect a reality or is it just what society will approve?
.........I question, come walk with me in this mental concession

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