Friday, December 02, 2011

Some people want it all.... I just don't wanna fall......(in the pit of hell, May He Forgive and Protect us..Ameen)

Don't need to be organized just need to be clean
Don't need to be wealthy just need to be heedful of your duty before Allah and the rights over you
Don't need to be educated but need to be hardworking
Don't need to have extensive Islamic knowledge but need to practice what you know and desire to keep increasing
Don't need to be popular or well known but the company you keep needs to be among those that truly remember the Meeting with their Lord
Don't need to be articulate but need to do what you say and give weight to your words
Don't need to be interesting just need to be true (ie not exaggerate/attention seekers at any expense/negative)
Don't need to be rich but need to control desires and spend within your means
Dont need to own a house but need to consciously choose to not want to battle Allah (ie be involved in interest)
Don't need to have it all but need not waste what you have
Don't need to be a comedian/joker but need to know how to smile and be Pleased with the blessings you are given
Don't need to have charm but need to have good manners
Dont need to be perfect but need to be truthful to constantly be striving towards perfection

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