Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Now We Know ...

Only God will Judge us
So if you act the fool it's only on you
You can't escape the truth
So you might as well embrace the fruit
No point in spending your life fighting it
It's gonna rippen into a python; you're the only one hidin' it
We do it to ourselves, in our weakness we don't even realize
We dedicate our energy for ourselves when we sympathize
Yet shouldn't our sympathy be directed to our eternity?
What is it that keeps us forgetting this ain't the life where we're suppose to live it up
This is the life where we're suppose to give it up
Scarifice on every level equates to a gain on some specturm
Given up our desires that really don't aquire much happiness
For the life of a higher status, is actually the solution to life long success
The fear of letting it go, is what keeps us on death row
So now we know........ so now we know.......


Sketched Soul said...

Oooh new look, I like...!
I had to come see what the snake was all about.

I like this one, masha'Allah :)

Anonymous said...

Answers to questions, fill in the blank or multiple choice
We choose to lose, deathrow it's not to confuse
Certain and we know..thanks for the post...
Most insightful..


Umm Abdullah said...

Hey it's Farh!.. I changed it um.. 3 or so months ago? Glad ya like it, Blogger has a bunch of nice templates now. lol you like the snake pic eh, just don't tell Farz ;)

Thanks ARA, like your rhyme back :)