Saturday, April 07, 2012

Have you heard the moans pain causes?
Have you seen how age weakens giants?
Quivering hands , legs can't stand
Have you seen illness create discomfort?
Have you witnessed the world narrow when in strife?
When the self is in a fight, 'you' is all that matters
Haters can hate, fakers can fake
When you're in a state of pain, everyone else can jump the plane
It really doesn't matter
So what's to say about our hereafter?
Hell a promised abode, iron collars, near death cries
But a destination where death no longer lies
What will cause us to continue to remember our reality?
I write this guilty....
I know nothing is worth it
It's all about sincere worship
May death be the best day of our lives, wherein a blissful eternity lies...Ameen!!

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