Thursday, April 12, 2012

You can imprison the body but you can't cage the mind
The power of man limited to the physical
Can't touch the understanding , and definitely not the soul
Break down the weapon of fear and you'll find a coward
Holding on hard to the tyrant, feeling secure
Wait until you lay below, let me know how it goes
For the heart that's aligned
You can never dine, you'll only strain the lion
Feast on your incapacity to control
For the ability is beyond your hold
They'll grow old worshipping
You'll grow old torturing
In the end your fate is the same
Death will meet, how'd you plan to greet?
It's all so street
Rule with a deception of power
Even if it means tearing down towers
We all return back to Him
How will you bear your sin?.....
wow.......subhan'Allah.. this brother...respect... .. May Allah give him the highest, highest place in Jannah, may He make His current condition in ease, bless him with Sakinah, and Grant him freedom..For Allah Has the Power to do All things.. AMEEN!! ...........

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