Saturday, February 09, 2013

"Broken Home"

I'm going re-define "broken home"
Often it's a label that comes pasted on the child that doesn't have both mother and father, side by side
I don't think that's a fair description
Call it denial but here's my definition 
A home without mom and dad together
By default doesn't result in broken forever
It just means a little more effort needs to go in
A little more love and a little less judging
My own three have both mother and father
Both loved by their own just on different levels
There is no such thing as ex-father, just ex-husband
If the man shows love to his capacity 
And the mother reinforces the concept of his love for the child's unity
Then by His Grace the young will not be "broken"
The home is not broken merely because two could not see eye to eye
The home is broken when there's neglect on either side
I make a point in raising mine to understand they are loved strong on both sides
A parent does great injustice to throw their children in the midst of their childish fights
Innocence should not be in the mix of peoples emotions, anger and the like
Leave the child out - let them grow up knowing and seeing what's right
So yes, on that note I say this with children don't come from a  broken home
They come from love, faith, rules, play and garden of support for them to grow (Alhamdulilah)
My children don't live the ideal I grew up with, but that doesn't mean love is any less
Nor does it mean their mental state will be filled with stress
No... I refuse to accept that mentality
By the Will of the Almighty, they will grow up responsible, loving, encompassed by piety
"Broken" is forged by dysfunction, whether together or not
If there's no peace or love in the home, there's anger and hurt - that's the creation of 'broken'
Perception is our reality...
For me, I choose to see it differently

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