Thursday, February 07, 2013

It's Upto You

Everyone goes through their ups and down
The cycle of any relationship entails that some days walls will be hit
Doesn't mean they're locked doors, steel roofs , barred and hammered shut
No, that's only the response to the hurt at its peak and ego making you weak
It's easy to shut out, it's never easy to let in
It takes the heart to soften and the soul to understand the real 'win'
Not everything is meant to last, not everything is good for you
But somethings just take time, and somethings are a direct result of what we do or don't do
It's really a matter of priority and goals
I don't suppose it's the best situation if the one you're with is walking a different path than you
But I do say, it'll take time before that's determined
When it's clear then whatever you do becomes an easier move
But when you're battling your own insecurities, weakness and level of arrogance
You'll find no matter your move, you'll be broken in two
Every relationship goes through it's up and downs
That's how we build castles - one brick at a time
When we mess up; it takes knocking it down to start it up again
Construction needs cooperation; one lays the cement, the other places the brick
It's upto you if you want it to be made of gold and silver
Or if you're fine with rock and mud
Either way, roles will always differ
But the idea is that each job supports one another
In the end, we're designed to preserver
Eventually you'll realize wallowing in your own anger or emotional clatter, only makes you the loser...

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