Saturday, February 04, 2012

All Matters Return to HIM

It's not meant to be apparent by attire
The beloved Messenger (peace be upon him) wore those clothes
But it can't be seen a symbol of piety
In this day and age, it's only intention that will determine the faith behind it
'Submission' fears being worn on the sleeve, just to be seen
Can't claim to love if you don't choose to live
Anyone can rock a thobe or a kufi ; doesn't signify sincerity
The heart remains a mystery
But actions speak when tests draw out the weak
It's not for one to judge another
Hypocrisy isn't just a disease of our brother
In us may be the the same cover
Repentance is a step in the right direction
Cleansing the heart to commence the forming of a truthful relation
One with our Lord and all that He has prescribed
For us to LIVE ISLAM, for us to abide
There's no pleasure in disobedience
The heart feels it when shaytaan gets near him
I can't get past this feeling
That I really don't know the condition of any being
Looking but what am I suppose to be seeing?
There's no safe pattern
It seems though, that a believer makes truth happen ...
I've yet to determine how
The reality remains that the decision isn't mine anyway
All matters are Decided by Him, I submit and pray it's comfort and truth , one Pleasing to Him that comes my way

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