Sunday, February 12, 2012

Truth needs no defense
Standing in it's place is our fitra, hence ..
You may cut me where it hurts most

But falsehood remains your host
My account is before Allah subhanahu wa'tala alone
What's worse than the lie upon another ...
Is the belief within oneself supporting, justifying slandering others
But the examples and the experience have been passed on
If Ayesha (radiullahu anha) was to bear such a trial, the reality of man lives on
It's disheartening no matter which angle I look at it
I shake my head and wonder how the soul of man can rest at night
How do you live with yourself, when you go against what's right?
I don't understand, nor do is there benefit in trying
My tests have come and I pray by His Mercy I keep standing
Searching for truth bears an ugly reality
Life of falsehood encompasses us as the majority walk blindly

May He the Most Merciful, Compassionate, All Knowing, All Aware, Mighty Lord, Master of All things, Ruler of the Day of Judgement.. MAY HE, Guide us to His Pleasure, make us among the truthful, forgive us for our wrongs, and allow to understand the true reality of life and our actions.... AMEEN, Ya Rabi.. AMEEN!!


Anonymous said...

People look to the stars, people don’t look to the stars
Ponder at irrelevant not wondering about Mars
Pause for grief, whilst continuing to the beat
Simultaneously trying to drown out grief
Transmutation of emotions wrongly placed
One falling from a place they never made it to?
Grace! Gracious is He, yet we play –they play each day
With surface based smiles, styles, in front of crowds
Shrouded in garments that lead to torment
But only if they knew to know
The stars should be looked at- reflected, respected
But neglected they are, so they live naked it
Introspective, shallow as a pond
Deep into it (life) but never ponder it
Fonder they get, love it more
Actions of are low-deplorable
Horrible, abnormal-but normal
To be expected, they selected, we were selected
Guidance we accepted, while they rejected
Free will, freedom will kill instincts
Travel to stars, yet while on Mars
You never pause for the cause
Never pondered the stars
Marvelous they are
Thus we say what about the Originator? The Creator.


Umm Abdullah said...

That was lovely MashaAllah!.. I like "Free will, freedom will kill instincts" .. hmm.... *sigh* ....

May our religion, our life, our death be for Him Alone..Ameen