Friday, February 24, 2012

Day and Night

How many times has the same reminder been passed on?
Through the signs of day and night
Changes in our daily condition within our sight
It doesn't serve to shake us?
It's so common; the appearance of wrinkles , pains or simply catching the sniffles
The sign of day and night
A constant change of our condition
Will we think to reflect or merely reject the simplicity of our reality?
It doesn't matter when the world ends
Our demise is written regardless if it bears hardship or a swift,subtle contend
The path thereafter is cold and dry
It's alone we lie
Though the fear on earth is that our LIFE seizes when we die
Is that really the fear of death, the lack of this life?
We all fear it....but why?
How do we compare the fear if denied entry for failure to sincerely try?
Will our recompense be torture for eternity?
How will we bear the the confrontation before our Master?
.... In the life of this world we were able to justify our desires
How will we testify when the proof against us comes from our self?
I dread the journey for my condition is unknown to me...
Everything else seems frivolous when I compare it to the sentencing of eternity
May we walk the straight path.... Ya Allah, bestow upon us your infinite Mercy!... AMEEN!

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