Saturday, May 19, 2012


I've got a tornado of stories rolling around in my mind
I've got clouds and dust covering into blind
Blessed is me in the truest form of reality
Happiness isn't any less
But this feeling of unsettled remains a test
It's a decade of training I've grown to love
Left in a limbo of what appears to be a chosen glove
I'm wearing it, for fear that if I didn't slip it on, I'd be left with a fist
Fighting for the mere values and core of my own beliefs
The unrest is unsettling
But every soul must remain battling
I have flaws I need to continue to acknowledge
Grow towards aiming for greatness knowing full well that I'd not come close to even make it
That's alright I say, for Allah Knows my intent
Though I know I'm weak, and lazy despite needing to "improve"
The hypocrisy of my own ideology seems to make me lose [May Allah Protect us all..Ameen]
Fools merely preach a heavy load
But morons continue on an empty road
May our days be filled in some sort of productivity
May our steps be consistent though small striving towards eternity
May our character be the core of our correction
For our worship is worthless when accompanied by arrogance and ego
Ever in need of His Mercy.......
Ya Raabi only you hear and answer the cries of Your servants calling on thee!!

As I Googled an image for "dust" I bumped into this... quite interesting for those that like X-Men, I always seemed to like X-Men though haven't quite got into it as in the "message" behind it. And y'all know there's always a meaning behind "entertainment" .. *sigh*..
Anyway...   ... here's what this Marvel character is about... Her name is "Dust" (hence the reason it came up when searching)..


Sketched Soul said...

Nice...I like this one, sounds totally like you! *I mean your writing*

LOL@the x-man pic ...but you know my thoughts on that

Umm Abdullah said...

thanks, you know me too well :) Were you googling the dua for eclipse too?;P .. hehe