Thursday, May 24, 2012

Surroundings ..

Distractions surround us
Sin just seems to hound us
Is it just me or do you also feel a sense of weakness?
A constant need to remind myself it's all a trick
The ploy of the devil luring us into his grip
Maybe we're already there?
I don't know, but I definitely don't feel safe or secure
Merely refraining from 'major sin' doesn't guarantee us a win
In fact we ourselves become deluded in our own "piety"
The devils whispers come from every direction
The harder we pull away it seems the stronger his determination
He stays patient in his persuasion
Man inclined to feel productive
Really when accomplishing nothing of value or substance
Activity after activity
Indeed wasteful and at times foolish productivity
Yet no power does he have over a TRUE believer
How far are we?
Are we harboring hypocrisy?
Disillusioned by the modern day concept of moderation
No longer a bar of standards - we're sinking; it's a fragile state of our nation
May Allah Shower His Mercy and Blessings upon us all
May He Protect us from the plots of evil that surround us all
May He Guide us on the Path to His Pleasure
May our end be Jannah...Ameen

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A reflection in words.
Read, heard, heeded-need it
Without it, Lost